Internet Marketing Tool Guide!

The Bulk of Your Marketing

There has never been a time where your online marketing and presence means more than it does now. 89% of buyers search for homes online. That’s how important it is to have a solid and consistent presence at every turn.

Your personal website, your email and your social media all play such a big role, looking outdated in any of them will put you behind. A lot more goes into than you might think. It’s more than just your picture, posts and your emails. Each interaction, post or ad is a chance to build your personal brand. Don’t take any of them for granted.

83% of buyers trust brands or companies that offer them resources and useful information.

This means offering them tips, whether it’s through an email campaign or your personal website with a blog, it is the best way to build trust.

Facebook Ads are Huge

Who’s the fastest growing demographic on Facebook? Older People.

Who buys the most houses?

You guessed it. Older People.

It’s not hard to see why Facebook is so appealing to capture your leads. Ages 65 and up saw the largest increase in 2015, with 55 to 64-year-old users having the next biggest jump in users.

We all know or can guess by now how much data Facebook collects and then uses to target ads with on each user.

So if you’re not using this tool at this point, you’re missing out on a direct path to every demographic (location, interested in buying or selling, age, recent mortgage, likeliness to move,  wealth and much more) that you want to be advertising too.

Targeting homeowners in your area who are likely to move is your best bet.

You can target them by the prices of their homes and neighborhoods as well. This is all going to start with a home value site usually, that you offer to the groups you target. You need a Facebook business page to do this, something a lot of you might have already.

It’s not hard to set up.

But first, you know what doesn’t work on Facebook?

Your Personal Website and Blog

If you’re running home value pages and ads for them, a lot of the time the information won’t get fully filled out, once you asked for their email address or phone number.

It’s just one of the drawbacks to having your own realtor site. Giving a home evaluation is one of the few reasons that people might even view it. But if you have content to bring viewers there, it’s going to open up a whole new set of leads.

We mentioned it before, it’s all about branding yourself as the expert that people will trust. So just like giving out books you are the author on will do that, starting a real estate blog will have that same effect on the internet.

When people from out of town search for homes or even information in your city, if you’re ranked high enough, they could land on your site. Instead of pushing your home value page, you can promote your blog articles.

Single Property Websites

To really increase the chances of being found, single property websites will be the hub of all directed traffic to view all the content accumulated for the house you are selling.

Make sure to include all of the following information if available (information mainly consists of the topics discussed previously): Video, Virtual Tour, Floor Plan, Copywriting, Pictures, Local Schools, and Maps Drone Videos, and Much More. Everything else that has been created will again only help build content and increase the ability to sell your home quicker and for more money.

Email Lists and Prospecting

Best Email Practices

Email Marketing can be a big lead source, just as long as you use the right techniques when using your email list.

Build your list through opt-ins or Facebook and other social media. Home value ads and pixeling anyone who visits your website or page will build it out. Any open house or event that you are a part of are the times when you should be collecting contact information as well. Email is effective because it is one of the most private and the longest lasting form of social media these days.

Be Consistent

You can’t go a week or so without sending to your list and you can’t send multiple things in a short span and overload your list. People will forget about you then unsubscribe if you send something after a going a while without sending anything.

The best practice is to find your most successful days and stay with those. You going to have to test each days until you find the system that will work the best for you.


Other Social Media and Ad Tips

Use Video to Market Yourself

How many ways can you establish yourself as the authority in real estate?

There’s quite a few ways, and video marketing is another way to make sure you stand out and get people to remember who you are. It’s a different ballgame when they see you on a video or are entertained by it, as opposed to getting a business card from you.

What it can really do is create a connection between you and the viewer.

They’ll feel like they know you when you meet in person. It’s the same principal used with almost anything you see on TV, especially newscasters. You make a connection for your audience.

Videos even carry over more information to the viewer against someone who reads the same thing. 90 percent of information is retained when people watch a video, compared to 10 percent of information while reading.

58 percent of consumers consider companies that produce video are more trustworthy.