Internet Marketing Chapter 6

Other Social Media and Ad Tips

Use Video to Market Yourself

How many ways can you establish yourself as the authority in real estate?

There’s quite a few ways, and video marketing is another way to make sure you stand out and get people to remember who you are. It’s a different ballgame when they see you on a video or are entertained by it, as opposed to getting a business card from you.

What it can really do is create a connection between you and the viewer.

They’ll feel like they know you when you meet in person. It’s the same principal used with almost anything you see on TV, especially newscasters. You make a connection for your audience.

Videos even carry over more information to the viewer against someone who reads the same thing. 90 percent of information is retained when people watch a video, compared to 10 percent of information while reading.

58 percent of consumers consider companies that produce video are more trustworthy.

This is one of the best ways to get the customer to know, like and trust you.

You don’t need a brand new camera or anything like that. A new Iphone or Android will shoot HD videos that are more than acceptable. They each come with software to edit and cut the video as well. If you’re going to put music in it, which you probably should, it needs to be royalty free. There are plenty of options you can find with a simple google search.

A great strategy is to film and add in various local landmarks and your immediate neighborhood you do the most business, to give a full impression of your area and the connection that you have with it. The other part of this is that these backgrounds and places should always be able to be used. So if you need to update or change anything in a hurry, it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

The goal is to be entertaining and to find something to bring the viewers in on an emotional level. As long as the production is solid, not shaky and framed right, you’ll have the chance to do that. Introduce yourself, maybe try and add a few funny things and then connect with them.

Another great strategy is to base the video around a story and testimonial by a happy client, sprinkled in with yourself.

Just be yourself in it.

That’s what people look for and want to see. If you’re soft spoken on camera, use that toward your advantage.

73% of sellers are most likely to list with an agent using video to market themselves versus agents without video. Add this in with something creative and it could sky rocket you pass the rest.

The fact that Google ranks video content higher since consumers like video, makes it a no brainer.

Once you’ve done a few and promoted them across each different platform you utilize, you can start broadening out the type of videos that you make.

Community lists such as schools, neighborhoods and parks or venues make for great content that viewers will find useful. Case studies and review videos with some testimony sprinkled in gives the viewers a potential thing or scenario to expect if they list or buy with you.

There are many, many things you can use for content, but the first step is establishing yourself online and connecting with viewers.

Master Your Online Presence

A lot more goes into than you might think. It’s more than just your picture, posts and your emails. Each interaction, post or ad is a chance to build your personal brand. Don’t take any of them for granted. Having graphics or pictures in your emails, Facebook ads or anywhere else can separate you from standard house sale ads. Your picture, graphics and how you market yourself will determine how much you stand out.

Using Graphics That Stand Out

Eye-catching graphics are a giant factor in catching the attention of people on social media or the internet in general. Sharing it on Instagram or Pinterest can boost your presence there.

The License

Whether it’s a picture or some type of graphic, and you are using it in any form, make sure it’s not under copyright and it’s available for commercial use. If you create your own graphics or have someone do it for you, or take your own photos, this won’t matter. If you’re not doing that you can search for pictures available for use with Google or Flickr by changing the search settings.

Have a Graphic Made For You

If you don’t make your own or have them made already, there are many resources and places to get images made. Hiring a freelancer off the web or Fiverr is a great resource where all task are 5 dollars, and you can a whole lot done with.


Make sure your image pops out and is easy to look at. It needs to be at least 400 pixels wide, that way it can be shared on a few platforms and fit on each one of them. It does vary slightly from platform to platform, but you can keep up with the sizes for each here.


Putting text over a picture or with your graphics is a good strategy. Facebook ads require that the image has 20 percent or less text on it. People are more likely to click on something with an image/picture and text accompanying it.

Don’t Screw Up Your Profile Pic, Use a Professional Headshot

Do not have a selfie or anything other than a headshot done by a professional. This is automatically going to let people know who you are. And if you’re headshot hasn’t been done professionally, or close to it, then you should get one done. It does make a difference.

One thing you don’t want to look in your picture is stiff or staged. A photographer will tell you to to relax for a reason. People will notice if it’s not natural. It should be one of those things where people see your picture, but don’t overly notice it, since if they do it is probably going to be for negative reasons.

So with that in mind, don’t use special effects, weird backgrounds or any type of props. We’ve all seen agents with gags and goods in their headshots. That takes away from what they might be sharing or offering.

The last thing to remember about your photo is to update it, at least once a year.

These are two simple ways to boost your online presence, and make sure it’s not going backwards. A smart agent should always be looking to boost themselves online and doing anything they can to improve there.

Social Media Safety Tips For Realtors

You need to let your clients and prospects see what your personal life is like, and what you are all about. A good way to do it is to have your personal account and then your business page. But it’s important to share details and other events from your personal life with your clients and prospective clients as well.

Make Good Use of Your Privacy Settings

This is for you if you choose to only have one account. You can customize your friends into groups. Then when you post something, you can segregate which lists of your friends can see the post. This lets you target specific groups for anything you post.

Complex Passwords are a Must

People use complex passwords for a reason. Getting directly hacked isn’t super likely, but getting hacked and liking spam pages and having those post to your page happens routinely. Each of your social media accounts should have a unique password with a mix of characters.

Use Identity Protection

If you are really depending on this for leads (which you should be), then this is a valuable tool you need to make sure is going to bring in prospects. A big step is to get identity protection, Lifelock or a similar program.

This way there is basically no risk and you only will need to worry about your ads and posts.

Google Your Clients Like They Google You

Each client or lead probably looks you up online, so just do the same to them. Make sure they are legitimate.

Learning a bit about the client may help you with your sales approach. You can make your pitch much more specific if you find out enough.

Before Meeting an Online Lead Have Them Fill A “Prospect Identification Form“

Getting a lead from social media is great, but it does open up a few opportunities that may leave you or your business vulnerable. Send them this form and use it as a type of background check. Consider having all of your meetings in your office rather than alone at a property.

This is also great for record keeping and storage, not to mention it’s not that much of a hassle.

Share Personal Posts Less Than Usual (Or Only Let Certain Groups See Them)

Don’t bombard your business partner’s timelines with a lot of stuff. It also should go without saying, don’t post anything that will hamper your page’s security.

Don’t Import Your Contacts To Any Platform

Many social media sites offer to import your contacts from another platform. This will lead to that site sending offers and other things that your contacts didn’t sign up for. Worst of all the clients and prospects will usually be able to track it back to you.

Read the site’s privacy and sharing policies first and proceed with caution but it’s safer overall not to go that route.

Don’t Share Clients Information or Anything About Commissions

This is another obvious tip, but a lot of agents post or brag about a commission. Aside from it being in poor taste, you might be revealing confidential financial details about your client if you speak in too much detail about a commission.

Your Landing Page is a Lead Machine

Your landing page is the tool that brings in leads when you sleep.

It also is another area where you really have to stand out, especially depending on what niche you are targeting. Buyers and sellers are going to be the most common thing you make a landing page for, but this is where you separate yourself from any other home valuation page or whatever you are offering.

The most important thing is that your landing page is not bogged down and the viewer quickly realizes who you/your site is and what they are signing up for. Here are the biggest reasons to have when and redirect as many viewers as possible your landing pages.

It Brings Credibility By Solving the Viewers Problem

When you build a landing page you build it on solving one problem. While a home valuation or a market estimation for a certain area make take a few hours or a day to get emailed or sent to them, once they get this it will build the trust they have in you. It automatically paints you as the expert. You will be a trusted resource that knows how to take care of and/or address any questions before they pop up.

Turns the Viewers into Leads (By Catering to their needs)

With a lot to do with the benefit above, your landing page should outweigh any other page on your website in bringing in leads. It should not give access to your entire website. Make them put their information in. This is to keep the viewer from seeing too much and losing sight of the solution they were working for. Or worse they won’t find any information that relates to their situation. That is a wasted view.

This is also why you can only mention one thing/solution on the page. It has to only serve one purpose, that is directed at that viewer.

It is Always Running

This is one of the biggest benefits. It is always working for you. This is a whole different type of prospecting. All you need to do (after making and setting up the page) is run a set of ads for it, then watch the leads come through.  It happens while you are making real estate deals, spending time with your family and doing anything really.

If Done Right, It Will Have a Long Shelf-Life

It’s going to keep reaching your audience as long as your ads keep running. And if done right, it won’t matter what date they hit that landing page. A landing page isn’t something you put up once and only get leads from it one time. It is your lead machine working in the background to bring you leads every single day.

Make the Locality as Clear as the Single Objective

This is just as important. Your name, location and logo or companies should be right there.

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