Internet Marketing Chapter 4

Single Property Websites

To really increase the chances of being found, single property websites will be the hub of all directed traffic to view all the content accumulated for the house you are selling.

Make sure to include all of the following information if available (information mainly consists of the topics discussed previously): Video, Virtual Tour, Floor Plan, Copywriting, Pictures, Local Schools, and Maps Drone Videos, and Much More. Everything else that has been created will again only help build content and increase the ability to sell your home quicker and for more money.


If words alone don’t help buyers visualize the home, and videos don’t provide the details they want, than the floorplan is the ultimate game-changer. Not only does it provide an elaborately detailed view of the home, but by adding color, and illustrations of potential furniture arrangements, buyers are able to truly envision this home as the perfect place to settle in. Any way to prove to buyers why the home being sold is perfect for them will only increase the value and help limit the time it takes to sell your home.

Write Listing Descriptions That Will Sell

First, don’t’ exaggerate. It’s going to completely backfire. But you should know that already. Keep the fluff out. Just talk about only things that you need say. Stay with the important stuff. If it’s a great location, make that in the beginning and even put it in there another time. But if it’s not, just put it in the end and leave it there. You need to be specific about anything you think buyers would like to know that this house offers. Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer and write it that way.

Use a Great and Catchy Slogan

This is another tool that can attract a lot of attention and cause people’s eyes to dart to your ads. The important thing with this would be to make it congruent or using the same idea throughout all the platforms that it would be on.

Videos and Virtual Tours

The best way to stop wasting time from constant walk-through visits is from Videos and Virtual Tours. With multiple video hosting sites now available (YouTube, Google, AOL, Y!, Vimeo, Daily Motion, etc.), you will have more chances of being found.

Beyond that, buyers downright prefer having videos and virtual tours. According to ComSource, “Consumers/clients spend an average of 75% longer on web sites with a video.” Consider film students or other college students who are good with video and video editing.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is the most impressive photography to obtain of any home. Having angles that seem impossible to reach show the high value of the home. Instead of just taking any photo of the front of your house, time and money was spent on getting virtually cinematographic pictures of your home making it seem more suiting to a buyer’s dream home.

Don’t fail to go above and beyond. Photography drones are recently legalized in the world of real estate photography as of early 2015 making it ‘cutting-edge’ to buyers. Many drones can be purchased for fairly inexpensive. It is a great trick that should be utilized sooner than later before it becomes the real estate industry norm.

Make Sure Global Buyers Have a Chance

In most cases your MLS will have international connections, but make sure that it has the ability to translate decently to other languages. A tool like can make sure it is open and fully translated to other countries. This could open your listings and especially any luxury listings that you have.