Expired Listings Chapter 07

Listing Presentations and Scripts

Once the homeowners receive your letter and call you, here is the script you can follow to get the listing appointment set after you know what’s been holding up the sale.

Most people are going to ask one question.

That question is, “How does your home selling program work and does my home qualify for it?”

How you answer that question will determine whether or not you will be able to setup an appointment and meet with them.

Here is what we say to them, “Before I tell you about the program I need to know if your home even qualifies for the program or not. I won’t know for sure if your home will qualify for the program until I physically see it. What would be a good time that I could stop by and take a look at the home?”

If you are not comfortable with that response, then you can try saying this, “Ok, here is how the program works. I work with a lot of buyers and because the housing market is so hot we don’t always have enough homes to show them.

So, I was reaching out to you because there is a very good chance that one of my buyers would be interested in buying your home. If they do buy it, then they would make an offer right away and close within 30-45 days.

You benefit because you get to sell your home quickly. So, you get to sell fast and save money. I won’t know for sure if any of my buyers would be interested in your home until I physically see it. What would be a good time that I could stop by and take a look at the home?”

If they say they don’t mind (more or less if they say “yes”) then continue with the script below. However, if they give you an objection do your best to answer it and move onto setting up an appointment. Further below is a list of the most common objections you will receive. If you get an objection that is not on the list then write it down after your call and let me know what it is so we can give you a response for the next time you hear it.

Great! Can I stop by today at time of day or tomorrow at time of day? What’s better for you?

After you have set the time to go on the appointment you need to make sure both the husband and wife are going to be there when you  go to preview their home. Below is a script you can use to make sure both will be there. This is a very important step.

Fantastic! But before I go… We have found that selling homes is a lot more than just bricks and mortar, it’s about personalities and you have your outlook on the house… will your husband/wife be there so I can get his/her outlook on the house as well?

If they say “no, the husband/wife won’t be there” then try to set a time for the appointment so both husband and wife can be there. You could continue with this script to change the time:

Would it work for your husband/wife to be there I stopped by at time of day instead?

If they say “yes” then say something like: Okay then let’s plan on that.

If they say “no” then say something like: “No problem… when would be a good time for your husband/wife to be there then?”

That would be great. Looking forward to seeing you at your house today/tomorrow at time of day.

Before you end the call you need to confirm that you have the homeowner(s) first and last name, get their property address, make sure you have their best phone number, and make sure their home is no longer listed with another agent.

One last thing… I want to confirm that I have all of your information correct before I come over.

Your address is (say their address), right?

Or say this if you don’t have their address

What is your address?

Your name is (say their full name), right?

If you don’t know how to spell it or you don’t have the spelling of their name in the lead spreadsheet then ask them… Can you spell your first/last name please?

Your husband’s/wife’s name is (say their spouse first name), right?

Is this phone number the best number to reach you at?

Your home is not currently listed with a real estate agent, right?

If they say it is and you are calling an expired listing lead then ask them this…

The MLS showed that your listing contract with your last agent expired.

Did you relist it?

If they say they did relist their home ask them…

Did you relist it with the same agent or someone else?

If they relisted their home or it is in fact still listed then say…

I’m sorry I thought your home was not listed with an agent. Since it is let’s just cancel the appointment for now and I can contact your agent to set this up.

Below are some common objections that you will get. Plus what type of responses work the best to get past them…

Objection: “Do you have a buyer?”

Answer: I would be giving you the “runaround” if I told you we had the exact buyer ready to buy your home WITHOUT even having our buyer agent look at it. That’s like buying a car without test driving it. That’s why I just want to send our buyer agent by to preview your home to see if we can “Help You” get it sold. Would that be okay?

Objection: “Did you guys show my home while it was on the market?”

Answer: With MORE homes on the market today than EVER before in HISTORY it’s impossible for us to keep track of every home we showed. Also we have been in so many homes the past 6 months that it’s sometimes hard to keep them all fresh in our mind. That’s why we want our buyers agent to stop in and preview your home… Would today work?

Objection: “My home has been on the market for 6 months. Why didn’t you show/preview it then?”

Answer: That’s a great question… we focus our efforts on our own listings, which is why we have sold so many homes in the past 6 months. There is so much inventory on the market that we focus on homes we have listed or are familiar with. That’s why I want to send our buyer agent by to preview your home. So would this afternoon work for him/her to stop by or would tomorrow afternoon be better?