In-Depth Guide On Advertising & Promoting Your Listings


 Copywriting is the art and science or writing copy (words used on web pages, ads, promotional materials, ect.) that sells your product or service and convinces prospective customers to take action. In many ways, it’s like hiring one salesman to reach all of your customers.

It’s very important selling real estate, in your description of your listing, to have the right copywriting done correctly. This is where you engage and interact with the customer by certain words that are used and certain phrases that catch people’s attention and it sets you apart from just other listings.

Online Marketing

There has never been a time where your online marketing and presence means more than it does now. 89% of buyers search for homes online. That’s how important it is to have a solid and consistent presence at every turn.

 Your personal website, your email and your social media all play such a big role, looking outdated in any of them will put you behind. A lot more goes into than you might think. It’s more than just your picture, posts and your emails. Each interaction, post or ad is a chance to build your personal brand. Don’t take any of them for granted.

83% of buyers trust brands or companies that offer them resources and useful information.

This means offering them tips, whether it’s through an email campaign or your personal website with a blog, it is the best way to build trust.

What is your brand right now? What recognition does your name have in the real estate industry?

Online Targeted Marketing

Are you tired of attracting the wrong people to view your listing?

Targeted marketing is the best solution for only drawing attention to serious buyers.

It lets you market to people that have the right income, that have the correct jobs, that live in the area that you find most of your buyers from. You’re not just marketing to just everybody and people that aren’t qualified to purchase the home that you’re listing.

 If you have a really expensive list in your area and you know that you have to have this income or this liquid asset worth, you can select that on Facebook or Google and the different places that you market and you can target those specific people.

A lot of agents are tired of attracting the wrong people to view your list. You’re walking through a home and you know that these people cannot afford this home. They’re not qualified. They’re wasting your time. You want to make sure that the calls and the leads that you’re getting are qualified leads.


Photography is almost the most important, or probably the most important thing in presenting your listing. Your picture of the home is the first thing that people see when they’re scrolling through the website or if you’re advertising it on Facebook it’s the first thing that pops out is the picture of the home.

 You want to make sure that it’s presented very well, that the lighting’s done correctly, the angles are done correctly.

A good photograph has a significantly higher probability of getting a home sold when compared to a bad or even mediocre image. 139% increase in clicks when the photographs is visually attractive when 89% of home buyers searched the internet when looking for a home.

Presenting the Home

If you stage a home well, it will stand out and so will you. Here’s a picture of a home that is not staged.

This is a pretty bad picture. Should you stage your home? Yes. The point is to make it look fresh and clean and feel like home. Just make it look as best as possible. This is a sure way to get buyers to submit offers quickly. The more offers means a better choice to get the most money at a much faster rate.

Aerial Photography and Drones

Aerial photography is the most impressive photography to obtain of any home. Having angles that seem impossible to reach show the high value of the home. Instead of just taking any photo of the front of your house, time and money was spent on getting virtually cinematographic pictures of your home making it seem more suiting to a buyer’s dream home.

With drone photography, it’s the next thing in the real estate market, so don’t fail to go above and beyond, because photography drones were recently legalized in the world of real estate photography as of early of 2015, making it cutting edge to buyers. Many drones can be purchased for fairly inexpensive prices.

Videos and Virtual Tours

Photographs are great but they just cannot present what a video can present. A video is the most real-life thing obviously like as if you were at the home. So you need to do a full walk-through virtual tour of the inside of the home and the outside of the home.

 Also, like we talked about in the video before with the drones, the drones are very important when doing a virtual tour because you get the outside of the home.

It’s the best way to stop wasting time with constant walkthroughs. You will have more qualified buyers since most of them will see a walkthrough online and contact you, then you screen them.


If words alone don’t help buyers visualize the home, and videos don’t provide the details they want, then the floorplan is the ultimate game-changer.

 Not only does it provide an elaborately detailed view of the home, but by adding color and illustrations of potential furniture arrangements, buyers are able to truly envision this home as the perfect place to settle in.

Single Property Websites

All the stuff that we’ve of mentioned up till this point will be combined and put together on this single-property website. You can share it on Facebook. You share it on Twitter, on Instagram. You can boost the ad on Facebook.

It will host all of that, the floor-plan, the drone-videos, the virtual tours, the photographs and the copywriting that you had done. Put all this together, and you’ll have this nice single-property website to present this beautiful home that you’re listing. It will have your picture on it. It’ll be totally customized to just you. It’s it own website, so there’s not other advertisements on it and stuff. This is a direct landing page to the listing.

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting campaigns are the ultimate way to bring back potential buyers who have once shown an interest in your property. Have you ever been online, viewed something you were interested in and decided not to buy? Only to later find ads along other web pages displaying that product again? If so, you have been the subject to a successful retargeting campaign.

 We talked about targeting ads earlier, but retargeting is where the people that have clicked on those ads that you sent to them initially and maybe they didn’t interact with your site. Maybe they did not contact you, maybe they didn’t fill out one of your landing pages forms, but with this kind of specific marketing you can retarget these people and you’ll keep showing up in their system to keep them thinking about you, so later they can go back and fill one of your forms out or call you about listing that you’re marketing, so you never want to lose a potential buyer again.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a giant way of standing out in the crowded internet.

It’s the range of techniques and methods you use to have search engines rank you higher with certain words that are relevant for your business. Chances are you’ve heard of it or used it before. It’s the process of finding out the most searched terms in relevance to you and your business.

 It’s to easy to use a few simple ideas and tools to get ranked. For every single-property site, blog and your own site, you need to go through these steps to take advantage of this process. It’s going to make it easier for potential clients to find you. Since 88 percent of home buyers find their home off the internet, this is an important tool.

For any type of page optimize your keywords. You can research and discover what the most searched ones are online pretty easily. Measure your sites statistics and the pages statistics to see what’s working. Google analytics is easy to install and use.


The Easiest way to be identified by potential buyers driving through the neighborhood, is from the traditional sign on the front yard. The red FOR SALE sign is the end goal that buyers seek on long drives through neighborhoods they want to settle down in.

 After you’ve spent all this money and time getting people to your website and getting people to look at the list and to engage in it, now they might be driving out there to look at it. You want to make sure you have the correct sign out there with the most information. That’s the easiest way to be identified is by, they’re driving through the neighborhood, to have the sign out there.

Direct Mail

A great strategy to find the right buyers depends on which media they rely most heavily upon. To weed out cheap buyers, direct mail is the BEST strategy for maximizing a credible reach. There is a 300% increase in response between people who make less than $100k/per year and those who make more than $100k/per year. Choosing an area is very easy with a little bit of research and sending a larger quantity of mail improves your chances to sell.


Brochures are a useful tool for the “let me think about it” Buyer. Brochures have a long shelf life which can slowly convince the interested prospect to buy.

Brochures are very important to hand out to potential buyers. Hand it to a people that you’ve engaged with, they can set on their coffee table or their counter, or go home to show their partner information about the house. They will have something that will stick around and that’s not going to go away. They can keep being reminded about this listing that you’re interested in selling to them.