Advertise & Promote Listings Chapter 9

Single Property Websites

All the stuff that we’ve of mentioned up till this point will be combined and put together on this single-property website. You can share it on Facebook. You share it on Twitter, on Instagram. You can boost the ad on Facebook.

It will host all of that, the floor-plan, the drone-videos, the virtual tours, the photographs and the copywriting that you had done. Put all this together, and you’ll have this nice single-property website to present this beautiful home that you’re listing. It will have your picture on it. It’ll be totally customized to just you. It’s it own website, so there’s not other advertisements on it and stuff. This is a direct landing page to the listing.

It really increases the chances of being found. It makes a hub of all the directed traffic to view the content accumulated for the house you are selling. It puts your description there. It puts all the pictures, the schools, all sorts of information there, your contact information … all right there in one hub. It’s very important.

To really increase the chances of being found, single property websites will be the hub of all directed traffic to view all the content accumulated for the house you are selling.

Use a Great and Catchy Slogan

This is another tool that can attract a lot of attention and cause people’s eyes to dart to your ads. The important thing with this would be to make it congruent or using the same idea throughout all the platforms that it would be on.

Make Sure Global Buyers Have a Chance

In most cases your MLS will have international connections, but make sure that it has the ability to translate decently to other languages. A tool like can make sure it is open and fully translated to other countries. This could open your listings and especially any luxury listings that you have.