Advertise & Promote Listings Chapter 8


If words alone don’t help buyers visualize the home, and videos don’t provide the details they want, then the floorplan is the ultimate game-changer.

Not only does it provide an elaborately detailed view of the home, but by adding color and illustrations of potential furniture arrangements, buyers are able to truly envision this home as the perfect place to settle in.

This way, you can change, you can tell them what kind of wall colors you want, the flooring that’s in the home, and all of this stuff so the buyer can visual an overview of the home that they’re interested in. This is very cost effective. You can get these done for as cheap as $5 per floorplan.

All you’ll need to do is get some general measurements of the home or see if maybe even if the homeowner has the original floorplan of the home. You could just snap a picture of that, then send it off to these places.

Where To Get a Floor Plan Created

Post it along right there with your photos. You have your photos of the home, you have your video of the home, and then now you can have this 3D rendering so it really sets you apart from the average real estate agent.