Advertise & Promote Listings Chapter 7

Videos and Virtual Tours

Photographs are great but they just cannot present what a video can present. A video is the most real-life thing obviously like as if you were at the home. So you need to do a full walk-through virtual tour of the inside of the home and the outside of the home.

Also, like we talked about in the video before with the drones, the drones are very important when doing a virtual tour because you get the outside of the home.

It’s the best way to stop wasting time with constant walkthroughs. You will have more qualified buyers since most of them will see a walkthrough online and contact you, then you screen them.

So here’s a few links for a few different websites that we recommend that can put it all together if you are not good with editing software. On some of these websites there’s actually people that will come out and do the video for you, but that’s actually going to cost you a lot more. So the most cost-effective way of going about this is doing the video yourself.

If you have a drone, do the fly-through with the drone. Also do a walk-through of the entire home with the camera and then you just send it off to these people and they do the editing. They can add features to it. They can add any music behind it, or you speaking about the home, and it’s very, very important.

Post it on your Zillow site, you can post it on the MLS, you can post it on your website, on Facebook. A lot of people post these on Facebook and then they’ll boost it on Facebook, the actual nice video presentation of the home, and you’ll get a ton of views. That’s a very, very key selling tool.

According to ComSource, “Consumers and clients spend an average of 75% longer on web sites that have a video.”

So if you just have photos versus a video, they’re spending more time … because they’re interacting with that video, they hear you talking, they see the motion picture and it grabs their attention. This, along with a detailed description, will increase the likelihood of selling.

Now you have this awesome video and you can combine all of that, share it on Facebook, share it on your social media platform, put it on your website, and you’re going to have people interested in this listing.