Advertise & Promote Listings Chapter 13

Direct Mail

A great strategy to find the right buyers depends on which media they rely most heavily upon. To weed out cheap buyers, direct mail is the BEST strategy for maximizing a credible reach. There is a 300% increase in response between people who make less than $100k/per year and those who make more than $100k/per year. Choosing an area is very easy with a little bit of research and sending a larger quantity of mail improves your chances to sell.

The same neighborhoods that you’re boosting your Facebook advertising to, you can also do direct mail there. That way you’re not missing anybody in that area. Most people are on Facebook, but there is a percentage of people that don’t use Facebook. They might be on there but they might not look at it much. That’s why sending postcards to every door is very important.

Do your research. Find out the neighborhoods where there people that are most likely to make more than $100,000 per year. It’s very important to make sure you pick the higher end neighborhoods, where can to get to higher end list-ins and spend your money wisely, not just send these cards to random neighborhoods that you don’t know, or random zip codes.

Postcards are great for mailing because they attract reader’s attention and are more personalized. They are especially useful for homes that just-listed and they can help increase local awareness of properties on the market to those who are interested or know of someone who is.

Postcards grab attention from people. It gives them something that’s solid, that they can hold in their hand, maybe stick on the refrigerator or set on the counter. If they’re thinking about listing their home, they can contact you.