Advertise & Promote Listings Chapter 12


The Easiest way to be identified by potential buyers driving through the neighborhood, is from the traditional sign on the front yard. The red FOR SALE sign is the end goal that buyers seek on long drives through neighborhoods they want to settle down in.

After you’ve spent all this money and time getting people to your website and getting people to look at the list and to engage in it, now they might be driving out there to look at it. You want to make sure you have the correct sign out there with the most information. That’s the easiest way to be identified is by, they’re driving through the neighborhood, to have the sign out there.

Sign Riders Tips

1. Use a Double Sided Sign

2. Make sure to add options for both TEXTING and CALLING

3. Include a QR Code (

It’s very crucial to have the information on there with the SMS where you can send them. They text the code and it sends them information. It sends them the link to your website with all your copyright content, all the photos of the home with the price, and all the information. That way, if it’s late at night, or if it’s sometime when you’re not available, if you’re in a meeting or something and you can’t pick up your phone, they can text this number, and the can get a bunch of information on the home. It’s about equivalent to a personal open house tour, because they can get this information anytime. You can put as much information on there as possible.

Links to Mobile Marketer and QR Code Generator