Advertise & Promote Listings Chapter 10

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting campaigns are the ultimate way to bring back potential buyers who have once shown an interest in your property. Have you ever been online, viewed something you were interested in and decided not to buy? Only to later find ads along other web pages displaying that product again? If so, you have been the subject to a successful retargeting campaign.

We talked about targeting ads earlier, but retargeting is where the people that have clicked on those ads that you sent to them initially and maybe they didn’t interact with your site. Maybe they did not contact you, maybe they didn’t fill out one of your landing pages forms, but with this kind of specific marketing you can retarget these people and you’ll keep showing up in their system to keep them thinking about you, so later they can go back and fill one of your forms out or call you about listing that you’re marketing, so you never want to lose a potential buyer again.

If you’ve ever been online and you viewed something, so you’re looking for pair of shoes or something specific, you’ll notice that these ads start popping up on your phone, on your Facebook News Feed or over to the right-hand side or somewhere on a website. That’s what retargeting is. Because when you go to their website and even if you don’t purchase the pair of shoes or you don’t even enter any information in there, they put a pixel, a tracking pixel on you.

In just 4 weeks, retargeting exposure can increase site visitation by over 700%. Also this will bring buyers who are viewing other homes in the area to your single property site.