Many people think the key to success is working harder, more hours, etc. but we don’t agree. We do agree that Training and Marketing yourself and your Listings is a never ending challenge. Our goal is to make it easier for you. Check out some of our best FREE training guides.

Ultimate Guide to FSBO's

Ultimate guide to Mastering FSBO’s

Business Plan

Create a personal business plan

Guide To Expired Listings

Advanced Guide to Mastering Expired Listings

Advertising & Promoting Listings

In-Depth Guide On Advertising & Promoting Your Listings

Internet Marketing Tool Guide

Ultimate Guide to Internet Marketing


Magna provides our agents will all the Technology they need to succeed

Our Proprietary technology will help you manage your business.

SUCCESS…IS OUR PROPOSAL FOR YOUR BUSINESS. Because we know how important is for you to succeed, we offer you a Real Estate Platform that will bring you to next level of Success! All of our Smart Technology has been integrated for you. We even take the time to show you one-on-one how to use everything.

  • Get listings from Expired Listings, FSBO’s, Vacant Homes, Luxury Homes, Inherited Properties and More from our Marketing Funnels

  • Manage all your leads conveniently in one place — no matter if they come from your Website or Facebook.

  • Send Personalized Email Campaigns with beautiful templates for Marketing, Listings, CMAs and more.

  • Capture, Engage, Perform and Close all your Buyers and Sellers in one place from Lead to Closing plus track all Documents and Commissions.






In 2014 William Murphey developed a new way of doing things in response to huge changes in the field. We empower you by allowing you the space you need to listen to your clients’ needs and custom-tailor solutions that meet them.




Quick home sales are a by-product of our real estate photography services. But our focus is giving our clients a level of service that is unmatched in the industry.




Hello, I am here to help you understand Magna Realty and help choose the best brokerage for you.


Because we can assist you in taking your career to the next level. Magna Realty is not just a brokerage, it is a Real Estate platform specifically designed for agents who take their career seriously. At Magna Realty, you can increase your business, making you more effective while having fun doing it. If you want to be the “Best”, you have to align yourself with the “Best”.

Magna Realty is the perfect match for me. I work mostly from my home office or with clients so I like to have online access to all the resources and forms. The staff is very supportive and quite fast. Hassle free process. Easy-going company and I get to keep 100% of the commission. Unbelievable

Spencer Gollahom


Joining Magna Realty is one of the BEST DECISIONS that I have made for my real estate business. They’ve introduced me to the 3-Step Ultimate Lead System and it has been CRUCIAL to my business SUCCESS.

Nicole Vernon


I had been searching for a while for a brokerage firm that improve my contact with my customers. Magna helped me setup a CRM that automatically updates my contacts and regularly send out newsletters. My network is now always refreshed and up-to-date.

Barry Zeidel


“It’s a pleasure to work at Magna Realty. William never hesitates to go out of his way to help. Its good to know you have a Broker and Team that are there for you. I’m Glad I made the switch to Magna Realty.”
Matias (Matt) Dubs

After searching for and comparing Brokers, I ended up signing on with Magna. Not only are they competitive, but their technology, support, and knowledge is immense. The Broker, Bill and his business partner Stan are extremely responsive and helpful. Bill is always testing the newest marketing methods. Stan is a genius when it comes to technology integration. I have the freedom to run by business how I want with the support I need to be successful. I’ve only been here a few months and plan to stay for years to come!
Scott Dennis


“A 100 percent commission split with a small per transaction fee made this move a wise choice after fastidious scrutiny. I’m glad that I found Magna Realty, and have been very satisfied with the level of support and service that they give to their independent contractors. It’s great to be in the driver’s seat with the support of the friendly staff at Magna Realty.”
Maria Allen



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