Questions? We Have Answers!

Below are some answers to a few frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question here, give us a call at 954-249-8300. We’ll be happy to answer every question you have!

How can you offer such an aggressive compensation plan?

Simple. By all the agents being on the same page and the office providing the necessary items that agents actually use and without wasting space or money on the other “stuff” (useless square footage, needless salaries, antiquated systems, monuments to the broker, etc.), then everyone makes more money. More importantly, we can all then reinvest more money back into our businesses to be better able to meet our consumer’s demands. It’s like investing in your retirement with PRETAX money instead of AFTER TAX money; you get a lot farther ahead a lot faster.

Where’s the catch? What hidden fees are you not disclosing?

Absolutely nothing. You will not pay anything to the broker above the fee associated with your Plan (Annual Or Monthly). That’s it…nothing else…nada. You will NOT see additional charges for customer transaction fees, e & o insurance (we still provide e&o to all agents), franchise or any other B.S. Oh, we do offer many al-cart vendors to enhance your marketing but only if you want use them and it’s less than half what most brokers charge. As for the other services, well, if we wanted to make money on those items we would opened a Kinko’s franchise instead.

With so many agents now and your current growth rate, how can I expect to get timely broker support?
We know that when you need a broker question answered, you need it answered NOW, not three days from now. In most cases you can get a broker on the line when you call, but on the rare occasion the broker is not available right then, we guarantee a half day response time to your broker question. All of our brokers are very responsive to texts or email as well. Being the multi-taskers that we are, it’s quite common to be responding to an agent question while we are doing something else that prevents us from answering the phone. As we grow, our model allows for the addition of supervising brokers to also be available to help answer questions in a timely manner. You will always have access to the answers you need. Promptly!
What if I want desk space at the office?
You would have access to all Regus locations (yes, there are more in the works) you can shared professional space available staring at 20.00 per month, on a first come first serve basis. Regus also has private offices available for lease, whether for just you or your entire team.
Do you have a referral incentive if I send other agents to Magna Realty?

YES! For each agent you refer to us, you will receive a CA$H payment of $50 after the referred agent has been with us for two months. We are not working an MLM scheme here, it is intended as a gracious thank you for speaking warmly of our team. To earn that free month though you have to do more than just hand them a business card, you need to really have referred them.

Do you have ownership in a title company and mortgage company?

No we do not, we offer Premier Title & Escrow to the menu of recommended vendors. Premier Title & Escrow will do whatever it takes to close the transaction and help the client…period! However, as we are with everything, we believe that it’s YOUR business. Premier Title & Escrow company is here to serve, but you are free to use whomever you wish.
With that said though, we are not in the mortgage business, the insurance business, the pest control business or the home inspection business. Our core business is selling and closing real estate! Many brokers try to branch out and be all things to all people and offer a one stop approach. Our experience shows that these affiliated companies are huge profit centers for the broker, but rarely result in the best VALUE for the consumer. And because they are huge profit centers, they divert the broker’s attention from the core business. Despite what you have been told, the best consumer values come from free market competition, every time.

What type of marketing programs do you have?

All assoicates have access to our Entire Pre-Written Marketing Letter Library & Post Card Templates and includes our exclusive email markeing templates. All of these systems focus on the following farming niches: FSBO-Expired-Referral-Luxury-Vacant Homes-Tax Liens-Divorce Homeowners and More!

Why should I choose Magna Realty over all the other Real Estate Companies?

We are not your typical 100% company. You are not just a number; we care about you, and your success. We understand the importance of networking and traditional Real Estate, however we know the future of Real Estate lies in a brokerage’s ability to master Internet marketing. That’s why we’ve invested our time and capital into creating the most productive Real Estate Platform there is. By working with us, you’ll have the Ultimate Agent Advantage with a company owned platform. No other competitor will have the same tools and platform, giving you an advantage over any other agent out there . . . not to mention, our knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly staff.  That’s priceless ☺.

How much freedom do I have to structure my own deals to meet my client’s needs?
As much as you want. There simply is no other business model equal to ours in the freedom offered to the agent. Today’s consumer has more information at their finger tips then at any time in the history of the world. A tremendous amount of this readily available info is related to real estate. Up until now, the real estate agent’s role has been one of information controller, but with the dawn of the internet age, our role has been forever changed to one of information interpreter. No longer can we force all clients into a single model and arrogantly expect that they will blindly oblige our offering of a single business model and a standardized fee structure. Today’s consumer demands choices. Because the traditional broker model ties the broker’s income to the gross commission dollars, the broker is in control of your business. By default then, the broker exerts absolute control over what choices you can offer your clients. Under our model, YOU are in control of YOUR business. No more stopping to ask “mother may I?” when you are sitting in front of a client. It’s your business, experience the freedom!

Why am I paying more to my current company??

That is one you will have to answer yourself. We would love to have you contact us and we can investigate together and see if our company might be your future home.

Magna Realty…setting the standard by which all real estate companies will be measured!