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What Kind Of Strategies Do You Teach?

Magna Realty teaches real estate agents how to become better marketers so they can create a business they control and are not beholden to 3rd party lead generation companies.  If the majority of your business is dependent on 3rd party companies, YOU ARE NOT RUNNING A BUSINESS.  You are just a sales person chasing leads.  If you truly want to run a business YOU CONTROL, then we want to show you how.

If you are looking for “prospecting” techniques that are going to show you how to cold call cancelled, expireds, or go door knocking, we’re not your dude. We play the long game. Our software propertybase and the content on our site are more appropriate for a career agent, not a fly by night transactional Realtor looking to sell houses.

We don’t sell houses, we help people with their house problems through in depth customer service and marketing expertise. We just happen to make a commission once it sells :).

If you share this mindset, you’re in the right place.

We teach strategies that allow you to attract business, not chase it.  This isn’t a single strategy, but more of a business model based upon attracting clients through a “sell without selling” approach. Magna Realty helps you build a brand people know, like, trust, and most importantly REFER!

I call this business model, The Attract & Retain Formula and it looks like this…


In order to implement the Attract & Retain Formula, you will first need the training.  The Attract & Retain Formula is about building a brand and taking the sales out of real estate by creating upfront value. I’m going to teach you how to give, give, give, with all your marketing efforts so people are attracted to working with you.

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You can only start attracting business when two things are present:

  1. You gotta have great systems, service, and skills.   If you are not creating more value than your competition, you’ll never attract business.  For example, in week 3 of the training you will see a step by step listing marketing plan that does a lot more than pop a listing on the MLS and put a sign in the yard. You will learn how to create tons of extra exposure for your listings using advanced marketing strategies like Facebook ads, positioning, video, and optimization. We call this having effective Transactional Marketing Systems in place.
  2. You can’t attract business if you’re not remembered can you? Only 9-12% of consumers use their agent again because they forgot who they are. At the same time over 60% of consumers used an agent they knew or were referred to. It’s hard to get referrals when you are forgotten. My referral marketing system builds YOUR brand marketing your database. It’s not rocket science and only requires about 15 minutes of your time each month. We call this Referral Marketing.

  We don’t want your money, we want your success, which is why we want to share all our training with you for FREE, but you’ll have to go through Magna Realty to get it.

University. Software. Mastermind

Magna Realty is more than just another Brokerage, it’s an entire advanced marketing university, a referral marketing system, a transactional marketing/management platform, a CRM, and an online mastermind community comprised of like minded agents who LOVE Advanced marketing strategies. Magn Realty’s Propertbase software system allows you to easily carry out The Attract & Retain Formula business model.

I am happy to give you all my training FREE of charge, but you have to join Magna Realty to get it.

I’m not a guru….

Where many trainers would charge you upfront to take their “training courses”, I’m going to do the opposite.


Yes, that’s right if you tried giving me money right now I couldn’t take it because I have nothing to sell you.


Good question. My mission is to help make the real estate industry better by sharpening agents’ marketing and customer service skills. There’s not a better way to do that than give all my training away for FREE.


I want to earn your business. Once you sign up for Magna Realty,  you will get a 30 day FREE Trial so that you have plenty of time to go through our 4 -week workshop and take all our training. The 4 week workshop will show you how to Adapt “The Formula” into your business using Propertbase. That way YOU CAN DECIDE IF IT’S RIGHT FOR YOU, not me.

If you decide that Magna Realty is not right for you, just cancel before your 30 day trial is up and you have no out of pocket expense and well go our separate ways.  That’s a risk FREE offer so what are you waiting for?


Staying on board as a associate runs you $99/month/$99 per transaction (early bird pricing only).  Business owners justify expenses with a return on investment, not an out of pocket expense.  This is for business owners only!

I’d say that’s a pretty fair deal don’t you think?

Here’s what some agents had to say…

Here’s what it comes down to.  What consumers expect from Realtors has changed.  This means the way you market your business has changed.  Yes, there will be a learning curve, but when you market your business this way, you will begin attracting business, not chasing it.

How Do You Sign Up?

We open up our training once a month for enrollment so that we can on-board a new group of real estate agents!  If you are interested in Magna Realty and taking our 4 week workshop to check it out, then you must enroll during our enrollment period. Click Here

Here’s a little preview of Propertybase…

Bottom line: If you want a step by step guidance on how to set this up in your business, show up for the training’s.

YOU HAVE NO OBLIGATION TO STAY ON BOARD. Take all my training FREE and then cancel if you like. Just make sure you do it during Magna Realty’s 30 Day trial period.

The reason I’m doing this is because I want to earn your business.

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We’ll talk soon,

William Murphey
Founder and CEO