Are you trying to figure out how to market your database consistently without always feeling like you are selling something?

Are you trying to market your local community, but don’t know really what to do?

Good, because you are in the right spot!  Having a strong personal brand ,with a story to tell, is one way you can do it!

In this post, you will learn how to market your database and local community using your personal brand without having to talk about real estate.

The truth is…

  • Your database/local community doesn’t care how many houses you sold this month!
  • Your database/local community doesn’t want your turn back the clock emails!
  • Your database /local community doesn’t want to hear about today’s interest rates!
  • Your database/local community doesn’t want to hear about real estate until they are in the market to buy or sell themselves!

So quit talking about real estate and start creating content people would actually look forward to receiving. This is where your personal brand comes in.  Your personal brand’s story is the “excuse” to keep your name out there.

I know some of you are probably confused right now, but bear with me and follow along. It will all make sense by the end of this post.

Let’s walk through the process of identifying your personal brand, creating a marketing message, and then a consistent strategy going forward. The key here is creating a marketing strategy that is authentic, fun, and doesn’t rely on regurgitating boring real estate information people don’t care about. This is a service we have for real estate agents called Flip This Agent you can check out on our site 👆

Step 1: Develop Your Personal Brand

Do you know what your personal brand is? First, it begins by realizing you are a brand.  Yes, that’s right you’re a brand.

It was reported only 4% of consumers used the agent because of the brand they were affiliated with.  This means 96% of consumers chose the agent over the brand.  So quit marketing your broker’s brand and start marketing your own!

Your personal brand is your “story” or mission statement. It’s why you do what you do.  It should be based on what drives you and/or a collection your past experiences.

Let’s switch gears…

Can you imagine any new business becoming successful without identifying who they are or what they represent?  Every business has a “why” behind them or something they stand for.  Identifying your brand begins with identifying your WHY and what you stand for.  It’s difficult to come up with a marketing strategy without first identifying this first because it will contain the theme of your message.

Learning how to market your database using your personal brand involves learning how to tell great stories.  Story telling will allow people to consume your content much easier.  As a matter of fact, I’m going to do it to you right! You will be able to consume the content I’m sharing with you much easier through a story than if I just told you outright what to do.  Watch this👀!

Case Study-San Diego Real Estate Mama

I want to walk you through the transformation process of the San Diego Real Estate Mama.   I am going to use the concept of storytelling to educate you on how to build a strong personal brand while at the same time describe to you my level of services without really selling you anything.  I’ll demonstrate my services throughout the rest of this post without really telling you to buy my shit.  But, I hope by the end of this post you will be intrigued and will contact me to flip your brand!

This blog post will probably generate some more clients for me. That’s the power of story telling.

Meet Denisse Roldan Newell, aka The San Diego Real Estate Mama.

Before Denisse was the San Diego Real Estate Mama, she was just another agent.  The first part of determining your own brand begins with first coming to the realization with who you are and what you represent. Here are some questions you can ask yourself for this exercise:

What are your hobbies?

What do your friends see you as?

Denisse realized that she is a mom first and then a Realtor.  There is a major difference between the two when you position your brand. The biggest mistake I see Realtors make in marketing their own brands is that they try to cater to everyone vs. a selecting niche authentic to their own skin. In Denisse’s case she is way more natural and fun being the San Diego Real Estate Mama vs. Denisse… licensed Realtor.

TRUE STORY: Denisse recently closed on a FSBO she was prospecting.  The script went something like this…

“Hi sir this is Denisse and I’m …..”

“Excuse me, what brokerage do you work for”

“I work for Bi…. no I’m The San Diego Real Estate Mama!”

“(Laughing) I love it when can you come over for an appointment”

The San Diego Real Estate Mama humanized her brand.  Who the hell hangs up on a mama?  You starting to get this?  Denisse realized San Diego Real Estate Mama and Denisse sleep in different beds at night.  The Mama is the brand.  Denisse is the spokesperson.

How Do I Find My Niche?

I’m glad you asked.  As in any business, the first place to start when coming up with a marketing plan is to determine where the largest percentage of sales come from.  Once you know that number, then you can begin creating a marketing plan that caters to that audience.

If I were to open up a taco stand in San Diego, I would first research who buys the most amount of tacos demographically and then craft my brand and message to cater to that audience. It makes common sense when you think of it.

Your database of relationships is your audience. It’s every agent’s audience because of these stats.

66% of buyers last year closed with an agent they were referred to or used in the past.

You don’t get referrals from strangers, you get them from the people you know.

Building your personal brand is how you start attracting and stop chasing!

You should create your brand around how your network knows you.  Your brand should be reflective to who you are as a person.  If you’re a doctor, then be the real estate doctor.  If you’re brand is your name, then build a visual storyline around it that reflects whom you are as a person. The best part about this is that every agent has a brand unique to them! God only made one of you!

At the end of the day your brand is nothing more than a visual reminder and consistent story of what you do and how you roll.  Make sense?

In Denisse’s case, she’s a mom.   Being a mom is very natural to her. When we looked at who Denisse’s last 10 clients were, they all had one thing in common.  Young families.  That was not done on coincidence.  You will attract like people.  We all do.  I like creating the “brand” name or visual logo around the agent’s personality, experiences, or drive.

I’m a dude.  Thats my brand.  I just want to be me.  I wish I cold be a luxury agent, but I can’t.  I swear, cuss, and just tell it how it is.  I cant help it, but a long time ago I realized the the “Dude” is how my network remembers me and I also started attracting other “like” people that resonated with my brand.

Your brand needs to do the same thing. It has to be authentic and should reflect whom you really are.  Don’t overthink this as it’s really that simple. This is the single mindset shift needed when learning how to market your database.

Your Branding Matters

The branding and logo is important because it becomes the visual reminder that you exist amongst your database.  Because our brains process images 60,000 faster than text, anything you can show visually is way more impactful than anything you can say verbally!  Your logo matters so make sure it shares your story.

Once you get started, your branding will eventually create name brand recognition amongst your database as the go to real estate pro.  Branding is all about creating impact and gathering the attention of your audience.


Step 2: Create a marketing strategy.

Once you have your brand identified you can now create a marketing strategy with it.  First, when marketing your brand, the goal is to create impact.  When I create marketing content for my database, I am not doing it to generate a lead. I am doing it to generate attention of my audience.  My only goal is name brand recognition.  This is the first mental mind shift that occurs with learning how to market your database using your personal brand.

You must first understand the numbers of the real estate business to see how this works. The truth is that 80% of buyers found their agent from referral, repeat client, or they personally met them at an open house or sign call. Those are indisputable facts.

10-15% of your “database” is moving this year.

100% of your database knows someone who is moving.

If I had 100 people in my world who knew what I did for a living about 10-15 of them are moving.  At the same time all 100 of them knows at least one person who is moving this year they can refer me to.

Generating referrals from your database is much easier than you think, but it requires consistency to do it. You will begin generating referrals once your database starts associating “real estate” with your brand.

We set up a direct mail, video email, and social media campaign that consistently “reminds” Denisse’s database that she’s alive. Our software solution Attracktor makes this easy as it handles all direct mail on automation as well as contains a video email system inside of it. Denisse will spend no more than 15 minutes a month following our system.

Advanced: Setting Up Your Content Theme, Strategy, & Storyline

This is the fun part!  Every brand has a story or why behind it.  In my own brand, it’s pretty obvious.  I’m just a dude who tells it as it is.  Some people think it’s cool, but others think it’s super unprofessional.

When I was still selling real estate, I knew that my Facebook ad audiences that responded to my marketing were 27-46 years old.  Apparently, older people didn’t think the dude was cool, but you knew what?  There were a lot of people who did, and the “dude” was way more memorable and a pattern interrupt. I’d rather laser focus on that.

Marketing your brand is all about differentiating your offering with authenticity! I believe when you dial in your brand to a select demographic or audience that people connect with, you’ll reach less people, but do more business.  Everybody lives somewhere don’t they?  Everyone also has the potential to refer you business too.

The name of this game is TOP OF MIND BRAND AWARENESS!


Back to the San Diego Real Estate Mama…

So how does Denisse start marketing her own brand without talking about real estate?  What would a real estate mama talk about?

Let’s come up with some content strategies. All Denisse has to do is capture her own family adventures being a mom.

Video Content Ideas For The San Diego Real Estate Mama

  • The top 5 kid friendly beaches with changing stations in San Diego…
  • The top 4 trick or treating spots to take your kids to this Halloween…
  • The top private schools in San Diego County…

Small Business Interviews

  • Top places to take your kids to on a Saturday during winter
  • Kid friendly breweries through San Diego
  • Kid friendly restaurants in Little Italy

Once you define your brand there is no shortage of content to create around it.  Real estate agents are local experts aren’t they?  This content strategy will amplify all of your marketing efforts.

  1. Each video created can be video emailed to your database using Attracktor.
  2. Each video is posted to all your social media profiles.
  3. Each video is posted on your website to become part of your content library to build your own personal brand.
  4. Each video is optimized on YouTube for search and rank.

I think you are getting the point.  I believe building your own personal brand is the future of real estate as we have switched over to a service based business.  I believe agents who begin creating content and media around their brands will face less threats from the flat fee and discount brokerages than those who don’t.

Who do you know in your market doing this?  My guess is that it’s only a handful so now is the time to begin grabbing some of that Attention!



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