Helping a divorcing couple sell their home is a great way to get seller listings… But it’s also a delicate subject. How can you attract these sellers online? Glad you asked…


The real estate reality is that 61% of divorcing couples sell their home to part ways, and you need effective real estate divorce ads to attract those sellers.

Let’s get one thing straight: This post isn’t about preying on others’ misfortune. Helping a divorcing couple sell their home quickly and easily is an important, valuable, and necessary service.

Someone’s gotta do it.

And if that’s gonna be you, then the next question is:

How do you FIND divorcing seller leads?

Here’s a simple Facebook ad setup you can use to get divorce seller leads on Facebook.

The Right Angle For Real Estate Divorce Ads

There are multiple ways a divorcing couple can deal with their home. One party can sign over ownership to the other. They can continue co-owning. Some couples end up going through foreclosure and/or bankruptcy.

So you’re not targeting just anyone going through a divorce.

You are targeting couples who want to sell their home as quickly as possible so they can both move on.

Another major component of targeting this audience is… Divorce is a delicate subject. Couples who are divorcing are generally mad and distrustful, so jumping straight into “Let me sell your house!” is not the best message.

That kind of message is all about YOU, the agent.

Being empathetic to the couple and their situation is a much better approach. If you want to generate divorce seller leads, offering helpful advice is a better way to start the conversation than asking for their business.

Real Estate Divorce Ads For Facebook

Now that we have our angle for our target audience, it’s time to create real estate divorce ads on Facebook.

You need an ad that offers helpful advice in a difficult time, and is empathetic to the sellers’ situation.

Here are some examples to get you started:

 “5 Tips”


 “Sell Faster and Move On”


As you can see from these ads, we’re not asking the person to list their home right now. We’re offering some free, helpful advice that the person facing divorce very likely wants and needs.

Facebook Targeting For Real Estate Divorce Ads

The second ingredient is selecting the right audience for your message. Here’s how you do that Facebook:

Step one is selecting your location:


In the locations field, select your specific market area. You can leave the radius at the default range (25 miles).

Step two is targeting people who are divorced or separated homeowners, and excluding people who are married or rent their home.


This targeting formula will put your ads in front of the right people and give you the highest chance of success.

Landing Pages For Real Estate Divorce Ads

Your ad will get divorced/separated/divorcing people to click…

But where do they go next? The best thing to do with people from Facebook is direct them to an effective landing page.

In your ad you promised helpful information, your landing page is your chance to further that promise and make a more complete pitch.

Here are some landing pages to use with those real estate divorce ads:

Landing Page #1: Headline & Opt-In


Landing Page #2: More Text


Landing Page #3: Video


So of these 3, which one should you use?

Without a doubt: VIDEO.

Here’s why:

If you’re offering a list of single story homes, or a list of open homes, or a directory for the most popular Christmas lights in your city…

Sure, a simple landing page with a headline will get the job done. A lot of people won’t have any problem giving you their name and email.

But targeting people going through a divorce is different. There’s nothing light or casual about it.

The most important relationship in their life is collapsing…

A home they thought they’d spend decades in together is about to go away forever…

You MUST go the extra mile to build trust with these folks.

The best way to do that online is with video.

Yes, it takes more work to write some extra copy on a landing page.

And it’s a lot more work to plan and shoot a video and upload it to YouTube.

But there’s really no alternative. Chances are LOW that this target market will give their info to a complete stranger on a plain-jane landing page, totally blind.

Do more to offer real value to these folks or find another niche to target.


Again, you’re not giving a pitch on why they should list with you right now.

Make it clear that you understand their situation, that you don’t take it lightly, and that you’re here to offer helpful information that will help them sell their home faster and easier.

Also make it clear that you’re not going to beat them up with phone calls and emails every minute of the day.

The way to generate leads in this niche is to build trust.

Delivering Value After Opt-In

So you’ve got a targeted ad and a landing page…

But what do you give them once they sign up?

Basically, give them some version of a “Complete Guide to Selling Your Home During a Divorce”.

You are the real estate expert, and the person getting divorced is likely not taking a whole lot of time think for themselves through the smartest way to sell their home.

They need answers so they can get the home sold and move on.

It’s your job to put together information that answers questions that matter to them:

  • How do I sell a home with someone I don’t get along with anymore?
  • Do we split the money after the sale?
  • What if our home doesn’t sell right away? How do we make sure we sell fast and get it over with?
  • Are there pros and cons to selling vs. other options (buyout, co-owning after divorce)?
  • Should I rent or try to buy again after the divorce is over?

Thoroughly answer 5 questions that would matter to the person getting a divorce and needing to sell their home.

You can create this guide as either a PDF download or as a webpage people are redirected to after opting in.

Don’t want to start from scratch? Here’s a free, customizable ebook that you can download and modify: Free Ebook Template

A Word Of Caution

Too many agents offer a skimpy, low-value thing after the person opts in.

After all, they already opted in.

You’ve got their info.

The lead is “captured”.

So who cares?

You’ll make up for it with stellar followup… Right?

Sometimes you can get away with this. But as we said earlier, this is a niche where keeping your word, delivering value, and building trust matters big time.

Getting the lead is only half the battle.

Giving disappointing content after opt-in puts you in a position to fight an uphill battle.

If you take the time to create a download or webpage that really delivers the value you’re promising in your ads, your chances of converting that lead go WAY up.



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