Are you looking for real estate photography tips that get more leads? Here are 4 ways to use your photos after the sale to get future listings!

There have been over 1 million posts written about real estate photography tips. It’s not hard to find examples of articles talking about all sorts of photography issues.


Now, these are all helpful topics. But there is still one problem in my opinion. These articles view the photography investment as a one off cost per property. They see buying (or taking) great real estate photos as a marketing cost to sell that house.

Got 1 listing? Great. Get 1 set of pictures and use them for the MLS.

But what do we all know?

Every Listing Will Sell…It’s Just A Matter Of Time.

That fact can make it hard for any agent to justify investing in quality real estate photography. Because, are those photos really worth it?

You already have the listing (and commission). Why invest in great photos when you have an iPhone?

I bet a lot of you ask this with every listing…

And this is a legitimate question a lot of agents are asking.

So today, I’m going to make the case that you SHOULD invest in quality photos. But not for the usual reasons.

My real estate photography tip:

View The Photos As A Long-Term Lead Generation Strategy

We’ve already talked about the benefits of Pinterest, YouTube, Blogging, etc for lead generation. But one of the more overlooked facts about all of digital marketing is that you need photos! You could almost argue that the person with the most original photos on their website in real estate wins that market.

Why do you need photos? Here’s why:

  • Pinterest literally only lets you post photos and drives a ton of traffic
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. And you can upload video slideshows
  • Google ranks neighborhood pages with images and video higher

And the cool thing is that unique photos (like the ones you’re already taking for your listings ANYWAY)help you succeed even more in all 3 of these marketing tactics.

So, you should invest in quality real estate photography…and read all the real estate photography tips in the world.

But your primary focus should be using that photography to generate leads in these four ways…

Here they are:

#1 Pinterest Neighborhood Pages

Read the full How-to guide here

Pinterest is fantastic for generating website traffic these days. In the video below, I discuss a way you can create SEO landing pages with Pinterest boards. You can easily reuse your MLS photos to populate these boards with highly clickable images.

#2 Google Image Galleries

Read the full How-to guide here

The best use of your old MLS images is on InstaFarm pages. Image galleries on your neighborhood pages can really help the SEO of your pages.

Did you know if you update old pages with new content, that they showup higher on Google?

This means you should constantly update these neighborhood pages with images from your newest listings. Here’s a video overview of everything you should do to rank on Google with your pages:

#3 YouTube

Read the full How-to guide here

Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine?

The thing with your listing photos is that they can be reused in videos after the listing goes off the market. Sure, a video of the house won’t do you much good. But you can incorporate those images into a video overview of the community.

If you optimize these correctly on YouTube, you can get these videos to show up near the top of a YouTube results search. This will consistently funnel new leads your way!

Video overview:

#4 Just Sold Blog Posts

One of the neat things you can do with your real estate blog is document your sold listings. This also provides a quality use for your old photos.

The goal of your post should be simple: Rank On Google For The Address Of That Property.


Should the property ever come on the market again, your website will already be on the first page! To do this, simply use the address in the title, url, images, and description you write on that page.

You can also create a category page on your website where only your blogs of sold properties display. This will give you a page that you can boost on Facebook to generate trust with potential clients. The blogs serve as digital social proof for future clients of yours.

Thanks to Tyler at Easy Agent Pro for video instructions.



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