Want some more ideas for Facebook Ads that get leads? Here are 8 to get your wheels spinning.

We talk about real estate Facebook Ads a lot around here.

Particularly Facebook Ads combined with Squeeze pages.

That’s because…

It works.

Our agents send us success stories* every day of new ways they’re getting leads by using landing pages in conjunction with Facebook Ads.

But there’s quite a range of other Facebook ad ideas you may not have considered (that are also getting leads for agents).

(For a deeper dive, check out this video from the folks at Vyral Marketing.)

For an executive summary of the ads that are working

Keep reading.

Real Estate Facebook Ad #1: “I HAVE A BUYER” (Generates Seller Leads)


In this ad, you tell the unique story of a home-buyer to generate seller leads.

Don’t lie to make the ad work. If you have a homebuyer looking for a home in a specific area, this is a great way to get access to sellers who are not yet on the market or working with another agent.

The ad goes like this:


Are you thinking of selling your home in the _____________ area? We have a home buyer ready to purchase. Inventory is tight in the area, so you’ll get a fast sell and a great price. The buyers are a nice family who are relocating soon, and we’re trying to help them out by getting the word out on Facebook.

They need this many beds/baths, they want to be in _______ school district, they’re moving because __________, they can spend up to $_________. They have this many kids, they’re wonderful people, etc.”]


This is not a bait and switch. The buyers are a real family who need to move soon.


If your home meets the criteria and you’d like to sell, contact us here:


[Link to a page on your site with more information and a contact form]

Real Estate Facebook Ad #2: COMING SOON


Using a “coming soon” ad, paired with a landing page, is a great way to build a list of potential home buyers.

The ad goes like this:


Are You Struggling to Find Your Dream Home? It’s not your fault.


Up to 40% of the homes in our market are sold BEFORE they are ever publicly listed. As one of the top agents in our market, I get access to a huge collection of homes that most buyers never get to see.


If you’re looking to buy a home, sign up to get VIP buyer access to these off-market homes.


[Link to Landing Page with info capture, redirect to page with info about “coming soon” listings]

This ad accomplishes two things:

One: People like buying things that are unlisted, exclusive, and rare. When your prospects get “VIP Access” to homes that the public doesn’t even get to see, the perceived value and willingness to buy goes up.

Two: You build a high-quality list of people who want to buy a house.

Three: You are offering a genuinely valuable service to frustrated homebuyers.


Real Estate Facebook Ad #3: PARTNERSHIPS


Remember: Great ads are built on offering value and service.

On that note: Running back and forth between mortgage and real estate brokers… Sucks… For most home buyers.

So why not partner with a mortgage broker and streamline the process for your clients?

That ad sounds like this:

Thinking of buying a home? We teamed up with ______________ so you can get a loan and buy a home in one easy step.


Click to learn more. [link to page explaining the program, with a call to action to get started]

Now, obviously, this goes beyond advertising. There are partnerships that must be formed and processes that must be modified and innovated.

But let this ad be a starting point to get your wheels spinning. How can you make the process smoother, and easier to say YES to?

Then… Make an ad that solves people’s problems and eases their frustrations.

Real Estate Facebook Ad #4: “I’M HERE TO SERVE YOU”


There are a lot of ads that might (with good reason*) take priority over doing a “meet and greet” / introduction style ad.

* These kinds of Facebook ads and posts have no specificity or urgency.

But there are agents out there getting results with these kinds of ads.

The ones that work tend to sound like this:

Looking to buy a home in [your market]? I’m a real estate professional who can show you homes quickly. You can call me (phone number) and I will answer my phone. If you email me (address) or message me here on Facebook, and I’ll respond to you quickly.


You can go to my site and search every home out there on the MLS, just like I do. Find some homes you love, and then let’s talk. I’m fast, experienced, and I’ll always work to negotiate the lowest price for you.


Most of all, I’m here to help!


[Link to your site with MLS, neighborhood guides, and real estate advice]

The angle of this ad does a few things:

The brass-tacks truth is that not enough real estate agents pick up their phones when clients call, or call clients back in a timely manner.

And people know it.

Reassuring people that you will hustle to make them happy can go a long way.

Telling them: “You can browse homes on the MLS, just like I do” creates a feeling of openness and transparency. Because the truth is that MLS information is not rare or special. It’s a commodity that all agents have.

And people know it.

What makes you special as an agent is NOT

… your access to the MLS, or how long you’ve been in business, or what your catchy slogan is.

Home buyers want to know: “Can I trust this person? Will they return my calls and answer my emails? Will they fight to get ME a fair deal? Are they going to vanish as soon as I sign some paperwork?”

If you’re going to do an ad like this, make sure you’re alleviating the fears of your prospects and speaking to them about what THEY care about.

Two pro-tips:

  1. Run this ad targeting people who are likely to move in and around your area.
  2. Don’t run this ad alone. As stated above, there is no urgency or specificity to this ad. So you also should run other ads that makes a specific, concrete offer.

Real Estate Facebook Ad #5: THE BOLD OFFER


With good reason, many agents focus on offering real estate advice or MLS information.


There’s also a lot to be said for a BIG, ballsy offer.

Like this:

We’re giving away a 5 day 4 night cruises — absolutely FREE — to anyone who buys or sells a home with our team. This is a limited time offer.


Call (phone), E-mail (email), or PM us if you’re ready to buy or sell a home.


[Also link to a landing page on your site to capture lead information]

Is an offer like this a long-term, sustainable answer to growing your business?

No, probably not.

But a big, bold, short-term offer used strategically, once in a while, can help knock prospects off the metaphorical decision fence.

Ads like these can also be incredibly effective when paired with retargeting. Consider setting up a campaign that targets people who are likely to move and who have also visited your site in the past.

That way, you’re making a BOLD offer to people who already know you, and who are likely to buy or sell a home in the near future.

Real Estate Facebook Ad #6: MAKE OLD OFFERS FRESH


A lot of experts will tell you that offering a “free home valuation” doesn’t work like it used to.

And that’s true… For the most part.


You find new ways to make it relevant.

Here’s how this works: You are the expert in your local market. You are paying attention to how the market changes.

So. Using relevant, current market data to make a “what’s my home value?” offer fresh again looks like this:

Home values in our market have gone up 0.7% over the past year, and forecasts say we’ll see a jump of 3% over the next 12 months. See what the rise has done to your home value below!


[link to free home value analysis page]

See how a little context makes the same “what’s my home value?” offer fresh and urgent again?

What other ways can you get better results with tools you’re already using, just by putting them in a new, more relevant context?

Real Estate Facebook Ad #7: EDUCATE PAST VISITORS


On average, your prospects need to see your ads and content 7 times before they’ll fee comfortable contacting you.

The question is… Are you in front of them enough to make that happen?

That’s where blogs, ebooks, videos, and landing pages — paired with retargeting — can help.

If you publish content regularly, you can use Facebook retargeting ads to serve that content to people who have visited your site before.

When you appear before your target audience over and over with helpful information, you stand a chance of reaching your audience enough to hit that magic “7 times” frequency where a digital trust has been established and they finally feel comfortable contacting you.

Pick a group of people you can afford to reach consistently, then…

Be everywhere they look, all the time.



When advertising on Facebook, there really is only one rule: Be HELPFUL to your potential clients.

People scour the internet for sites that solve their problems and make them feel good.

They’re not itching to click an ad that has a huge real estate agent headshot and a boring slogan.

Whatever Facebook ads you run: Talk to the client about what matters to the client.

Stop talking about ME (the agent) and start talking about YOU (the client).



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