Landing pages get leads! Use one of these 3 examples to create your own lead generating page today.

One of the most important elements of online lead capture for agents is a solid real estate landing page.

Maybe you’ve been building your ranking on Google or pumping out blog content on Facebook so you haven’t had much time for landing pages.

You’ve been focused on getting your traffic to grow.

Growing traffic is honestly the hardest part about building up a successful real estate website.

Now if you’ve finally seen the numbers start to grow but the conversion of that traffic into actual leads hasn’t really changed.

What’s the solution?


So I scoured the web for some of the best real estate landing pages that got actual results.

Real Estate Landing Page: Foreclosures 

This one actually worked really well for our friend Brett Muir from Explore Utah Real Estate.

He was also kind enough to provide us with screen shots of his Facebook ads and the actual setup he used to promote this real estate landing page.

After one week of promoting this landing page, he managed to capture 28 LEADS.

Those are some kick ass numbers!

He even made an appointment with one of those leads the following week.

So here’s the actual page that Brett put together and the biggest thing that stands out to me is actually how simple it is.

I think there’s this belief circulating that in order to make a really solid landing page you have to create something very complex and design intensive.

You can see Brett has officially dispelled that belief.

He left the background image as is, changed up some of the color’s, and added his logo.


It’s important to remember that what’s on the other side of your real estate landing page is what makes it important.

In this particular instance, the content surrounding foreclosures is tempting enough to capture most traffic you send to the page.

real estate landing page

Next, let’s take a look at how he promoted this real estate landing page.

Facebook was his chosen platform (as it should be).

He started with a question and then avoided any and all attempts at creating click-bait.

A very straightforward message with an effective and bold call to action.

It doesn’t get much easier than that, does it? So get out there and put together some content focused on foreclosures!

Brett is in Utah but content like this has been performing very well in a number of states.

Who know’s, one week in and you might see these numbers next time you log into your site.

Real Estate Landing Page: Downloads


Offering up downloadable guides on your real estate landing page is also a great way to start capturing more leads.

Our friend Dustin Brohm over at Search Salt Lake has actually seen some successful results using this Downloadable guide we offer.

Want to use the same guide Dustin is using to capture more leads? Click Here

The leads Dustin’s been able to capture with this type of content offering also highlights people’s desire for helpful and relevant information.

Dustin frames the downloadable guide excellently by discussing first impressions. It’s also important to take note that Dustin highlights it as a FREE Ebook as opposed to a guide.

You can see here that Dustin has also paired his landing page with the immediate follow-up offered up by Texty.

Whether or not you get that immediate text response from the lead doesn’t really matter. It’s the immediacy of the follow-up that matters!

Next, we have a squeeze page from Steven Hartner.

real estate landing page

He went with a layout and structure similar to Dustin but he used a different piece of content.

It’s important to remember, different landing pages will work differently for your audience and your market.

If the Sellers guide that Dustin used in his landing page doesn’t work for you try using content centered around the most important home fixes you need to make before listing your home, like Steven did here.

You can see it’s the same template Dustin used for his Squeeze page.

However it looks completely different, you have a large amount of versatility when putting these together.

Now, Steven did manage to capture a lead with this Squeeze page, however, a different kind of lead.

real estate landing page 

No, he didn’t capture a lead that was immediately looking to buy or sell a house.

However, he did collect actual contact information from a real person.

This type of lead is perfect for being added to your email newsletter for example.

They clearly found your content valuable enough to give you a real email address.

So don’t count a squeeze page as a failure if you don’t find a client who’s looking to sell next week.

You can also be setting yourself up for future success like Steven has done here.

I hope you guys found these examples helpful!



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