1) Ever been yelled at by a client through email?

(Bonus points if the subject was in ALL CAPS!)

:: OR ::

2) Have you got an email on your phone that requires a SUPER long reply RIGHT NOW?

:: OR ::

3) Have you gotten that dreaded “Why isn’t my house selling??????” email from your listing?

(Bonus points again for each “?” they use…)

These Emails Hurt.

R.E.M says it the best….”Everybody Hurts….Sometimes”? 

But You Can’t Let These Emails


They can cause you to…

  • ☑️lose sleep
  • ☑️stare at a blank reply
  • ☑️ignore clients emails that are important
  • ☑️write nasty replies you’ll regret later
  • ☑️take you away from the clients you’re helping in person

In other words…

You’re losing time because you don’t have a game plan for these negative emails!


If you don’t have a plan for bad emails,you DON’T have a plan!

Let’s be real…

Having problems is the point being a real estate agent.

If you didn’t have problems, you WOULDN’T have a business.

If transactions were problem free, agents would be useless!

As Oprah says, “You can’t avoid the daily tremors. They’re part of being alive.”


But, you can be PREPARED for those negative emails!

Below are 10 *FREE* email templates you can program into your phone & browser to quickly respond to all of these nasty emails…

I highly suggest preloading these into a template emailer like Gorgias or Streak for fast sending.

Remember: the faster you send these the quicker you’ll defuse the situation and get over the negative situation.

::: Free Real Estate Email Templates :::

*** You have permission to copy and use these ***

Just don’t publish them online as your own.

The Upset Client Template

Use when a client sends an upset email. Example: The Buyer just lost out on a deal and is blaming you.

:: Email Template ::

Hey Tom,

I’m really sorry that we lost 1234 Main St to a different buyer. [Acknowledge their pain]

As you’re probably aware, this is a very strong sellers market. And this creates increased competition for every home. [State the logical reason why they’re upset]

I’m going to pull a list of potential un-listed buyers from Zillow and run a query on all of our “For Sale By Owners” in the area. I’ll get back to you with a list of potential homes shortly. [Go above and beyond helping them]

In the meantime, can you and your spouse review what happened with the 1234 Main St negotiations and come up with an attack plan should we need to counter with a higher offer in the future? [Fix problem for future & Give them an action plan]

Speed is of the essence in these situations. And if we can decide on an attack plan ahead of time, it can remove a lot of undo stress.

I’m in your corner.



The Mistake On Your End Template

Use when you’ve messed up

Hey Tom,

I’m sorry. [Apologize]

We always shoot for the highest level of transparency and accuracy with our paperwork.

But we’ve failed this time.

I’ve gone ahead and pushed that missed paperwork through. [Address that you’ve actually fixed the problem. DON’T send this till you fix the problem]

I’m also investigating the root cause of this issue so it won’t happen again. [Show that you care.]

The paperwork should be approved shortly and we’re almost done with the transaction. Next time we meet, I’ve got a Starbucks giftcard with your name on it. I take my business very seriously. And your keen eye helped me find a weak point where we weren’t living up to expectations. [Pivot to solution and Thank]

I look forward to seeing you soon.



The Unrealistic Seller Expectations Email

Use when sellers are being unrealistic or impatient

Hey Pam,

I really understand. It’s tough to keep a house in showroom shape 24/7. And the work you’ve been doing is fantastic. [Sympathize]

Unfortunately, the market isn’t always kind. [Transition]

There are a lot of things that impact the sale of a house.

But there are also a lot of things you and I can do to help it along.

I’m going to do the following to see if we can’t garner more traction on your home:

  • Setup Facebook Ads Promoting Your Listing
  • Feature You On The Homepage Of My Website
  • Go office to office in my this afternoon and make sure all agents know the merits of your property

If you’ll just hang on a little longer, I’m sure the offer we get will make this all worth it.



The Coffee/Lunch Proposal Template

Use when setting up meetings

Hi Jenny,

I saw your update on LinkedIn. Congrats! [Complimentary Attention Grabber]

It’s been awhile since we’ve talked. [Transition]

Do you have time an afternoon this week to grab a cup of coffee on me?

I’d love to hear what you’re up too.



The Open House Invite Template

Use when marketing an open house

Hey John,

I know you were thinking about houses awhile back.

Did you know I’m hosting at open house at 1234 Main St this Sunday @ 4pm? [Invite]

Would love to see you there!

PS: How’d that project at your work turn out? [KEY POINT: This is the most important part. I don’t care if he goes to the open house. I can if he replies answering this question.]



The “Its Been Awhile” Template

Use when reaching out after 12+ months of no contact

Hey Melanie!

I can’t believe I lost track of time. It’s been a whole year since we’ve talked.

Are you free this Thursday to grab some coffee? I’ve been meaning to touch base with you.



The Cold RE Investor Intro Template

Use when reaching out to an RE Investor cold

Hey John,

Forgive the cold email, but I noticed the updates you’ve made to 1234 Main. And I really wanted to compliment you on them. Looking great!

I was looking through my papers this morning and ran the math on 5 similar properties.

A few of them look like they have better numbers than the 1234 Main deal.

Can I present them to you this Thursday afternoon at the Starbucks on Main?



The Cold Friend-of-a-Friend Template

Use when reaching out to a friend’s friend cold

Hey Sean,

Mark Feather gave me your email address. [Establish Credibility]

You may not know this, but I was able to save Mark thousands on his last house. [Benefit]

Can I buy you a cup of coffee an afternoon this week?

I’d love to connect and see if I can’t help.



The LinkedIn Convo Starter Template

Use when someone connects with you on LinkedIn

Hey Jane!

You went to Johnson University? How were we not previously connected? [Touch Personal Topic]

Anyway, thanks for sending the invite and congrats on the great LI profile. [Compliment]

It looks like you’re trying to grow your network here. I know a lot of people in the area

Would it make sense to grab some coffee later this week and talk? [Ask]



Trim Down The List Template

Use when a buyer sends you a list of TOO many houses they want to visit

Hey Jim,

AWESOME list of properties you’d like to go see this Saturday! I can’t wait to take you and Jennifer. [Compliment]

I see you picked out 30 houses you’d like to see.

Here’s the thing…

When you start looking at houses in-person, it gets hard to remember what you do/don’t like about each out.

I think the next step for you two is to trim out the houses that have deal breakers. For example, you mentioned you need 2 bathrooms. 5 of these houses have fewer than 2 bathrooms. We really should skip looking at them.

In fact, my happiest clients are the ones that trim their list down to about 4 in-person visits. This magic number helps them focus on the true difference between those 4 properties. And find the one the love the best.

Sound good?



I hope these templates help you answer emails faster & better! 


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