Do you feel powerless in your real estate business?

Are sellers not respecting you?

Do they hire the top agent instead of you?

Or when you do get a listing, the seller isn’t willing to clean up their ugly, stinky home. They expect you to work a miracle to sell their undesirable home!

Do buyers disrespect you?

Do they use Zillow to search for homes and contact the listing agent directly? Do you show them lots of homes and they still contact the listing agent for answers?

Are lenders demeaning you?

As a result, do you have no control over the process? Deals die on the closing table and you can’t pay your bills that month.

Sellers are unreasonable with their expectations and expect you to work a miracle to sell their home?

Here’s how to change all that: Find your Power Source.  

Here’s what happens when you have a Power Source:

Sellers want to hire you. Buyers want to work with you.

Lenders have no choice but to respect you – because you represent a source of future business.

But, how do you find your Power Source? 

I’ve identified Four Power Sources that most agents can access. You may be surprised to realize you already have some of these power sources.

Here are the Four Power Sources that you can access:

The Loveable Agent


These agents make friends easily. Almost everyone they meet turns into a lifelong friend.

They get along with almost everyone. They are well liked by clients, friends, and other agents. They have a friendly vibe and clients trust them easily because of that.

They enjoy coming to work because they get to spend time with people they like. They value relationships over money and can be relied on to do the right thing.

Why do customers work with them? Because they like them.

Favorite Quote: Can’t we all just get along?

How To Succeed If You’re A Loveable Agent: Make a lot of connections using your friendliness.

You never know when you’ll be needing them.

Being likable is your edge, so cultivate that advantage.

Stay in touch with all your friends and leverage all those friendships into referrals.

Just make sure that your clients don’t get too comfortable with you to the point of them calling you for every little bit of problem that they have.

The Confident Agent


This agent has so much confidence that everyone else has confidence in them.

Even if they are a newbie, they have the utmost confidence that makes clients think they have plenty of experience.

They are so confident that their clients feel secure working with them.

These agents tend to be aggressive when it comes to making deals. The most intense of this breed loves to prospect all day long.

They ask for the order over and over again.

Objections? No problem. They eat objections for breakfast!

They love nothing more than listing a complete stranger’s home that expired that morning.

Problems? They got 99 problems, but a listing ain’t one. They have no fear of prospecting, because every “No” is just one step closer to a yes.

Why do customers work with them? Because of their infectious confidence.

Favorite Quote: I can do it. Let’s get started.

How To Succeed If You’re A Confident Agent: Embrace your confidence. The more you embrace it, the more you’ll have.

But, be careful to ensure that your client doesn’t think that you’re too confident. Gauge their perception of you.

If you feel like they are intimidated by your confidence, tone it down a little bit. Remember that too much of everything is bad. Make sure that you put your client’s wants first before your own.

The Nerd Agent


These agents use a lot of data, facts, and figures to make their point. They do a lot of research to understand their client and the house they are selling.

Before doing business, they make sure they know everything there is to know about the subject matter.

They often come to meetings prepared with charts, data, and research that may be useful in closing a deal.

They like knowing a lot of things. They are often up-to-date about the latest trends in the market and use it to their advantage.

They always keep an eye for sudden changes in your clients’ minds so that you can be prepared for all of the possible scenarios.

Why do customers work with them? Because they back up their assertions with facts. And, they often have data that sells customers on working with them.    

Favorite Quote: Here’s why I can sell your home for 5-6% more money.

How To Succeed If You’re A Nerd Agent: Despite knowing a lot, make sure you don’t swamp your client with too many facts.

If you do this, then you may come across like a know-it-all.

Make sure you only present the necessary facts and only reveal other things when asked.

Find the exact data that backs up your claims.

For example, if you want to show sellers how you can sell their home for more money, then find the data that backs up that claim.

(The Magna Realty Listing Presentation was built by a Nerd Agent and proves to sellers that he can sell their home for more money. You don’t have to be a nerd to use it.)

If you want to show buyers how you can save them money on their purchase, then put together data that shows how you can do that.

The Respected Agent

 These agents have developed a reputation in their community.

They usually have been in business for a long time and provide great customer service.

As a result, they get a lot of referrals. They’re always one of the top agents and clients want to do business with them.

They will go the extra mile to take care of their customer – even if they don’t make any money on the sale.

Why do customers work with them? Because of their reputation for providing great customer service.

Favorite Quote: It’s always a pleasure to serve you.

How To Succeed If You’re A Respected Agent: Keep on providing great service! OK, that’s to obvious.

So, how do you succeed if you’re not a respected agent? Provide great customer service. Keep in touch with all of your past clients. Always take the high road. Make sure you don’t taint your reputation. Don’t pull others down just to stay on top of your game. Instead work on improving yourself.

Make sure you don’t taint your reputation. Don’t pull others down just to stay on top of your game. Instead, work on improving yourself.

The Super Agent 

This agent is someone who has two or more of these Power Sources working for them.

For example, a lot of the Respected Agents are also a Loveable Agent.

Another example is a Confident Agent who develops some of the Nerd Agent’s Power. Then, they can have data to back up their confidence.

The Easiest Way To Increase Your Power.

Magna Realty’s team has built several tools that any agent can use to increase their power:

How to get Nerd’s Power on Listing Appointments


Use the Magna Realty Listing Presentation and show sellers how you can sell their home for 5-6 More than your competition.

The presentation was developed by a nerd. He used his stats and data to overcome his lack of confident on listing presentations.

Want to get more power in every single client interaction?

Use the Magna Realty Brokers Books and gain immediate respect from sellers and buyers?

How to get more of the Loveable Agent’s Power

Start by reading the classic book, How To Win Friends and Influence People.

I read it over a year ago and the strategies inside that book helped me close more sales.

How to get more of the Confident Agent’s Power

It’s simple. You need to practice. Practice your listing presentation.

Practice handling objections. Practice talking to buyers. Practice telling people why you’re better than your competition.

How to get more of the Respected Agent’s Power

This one is the toughest because it takes the longest. You don’t build a big database of happy customers overnight.

But over time, it’s the best way to build a solid business.

But, you can start today by following up with your past customers. Don’t be like most agents who forget about their customers as soon as the sale is closed.

Stay in touch with them. Follow up after the sale.

Put the effort to stay in touch with all of your past customers – and it will pay off over the long term.

Those are the main power sources available to most agents. Have you found your power source?

Don’t worry if your power source is a mixture of two or more.

It only means that you have more ways to get customers to want to work with you. So, put your powers to work for you and your customers.

Thanks for reading.


William Murphey

Magna Realty



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