Have you ever struggled to get listings? You may be like Paul.

He used to struggle to get listings.

And then he discovered 3 Tools that make it easy to get listings.

Paul used these three tools… and got 14 listings as a result.

Here’s what happened. Paul got into the real estate business.

But, it was almost impossible for him to get listings.

FSBOs laughed at him. Expireds told him to “get lost.”

He beat his head against the wall day after day prospecting. No listings. After a few weeks, Paul was about to give up.

And then he got his first break.

A friend told him to try listing Old Expireds. “They are so easy to list because you have no competition,” his friend told him.

Paul tried it out. He contacted a few Old Expireds. He immediately noticed a change.

The Old Expireds weren’t rude to him.

They didn’t laugh at him – like the FSBOs. They didn’t tell him to “get lost” – like the New Expireds.

Instead, they were nice and friendly. Most told Paul “No Thanks. I’m not interested in selling my home anymore.”

But, a few were interested in selling. One of them asked Paul to check what his house was worth.

“If you can get me $300,000 for my house, then I’ll list it with you,” he told Paul. Paul said he’d check the values and call him back.

He quickly logged into the MLS and looked at the comps.

The comps ranged from $280,000 to $325,000.

He called the seller back and told him the news. “Well, come on over and show me what you can do to sell my house,” the seller told him.

Paul met with the seller and got the listing. His first listing.

That was the first tool that Paul discovered that made it easy for him to get listings.

Tool #1: Listing leads with no competition.

(Old Expireds fall into that category.)

Paul kept on working the Old Expireds. He quickly listed a few of them.

But, he also lost several listings to other agents.

At that point, he realized that he needed something to separate himself from other agents.

That way he’d win more of the listing opportunities he had.

A little while later Paul stumbled upon My Books Content Licensing. He started giving his books away to Old Expireds. He got more listings as a result.

The books helped Paul stand out from his competition.

They were the 2nd tool that made it easy for him to get listings.

Tool #2: Something that separates you from your competition.

(Paul used the books to separate himself).

And then Paul discovered a third tool. It all started with a crazy idea.

You see, Paul was getting tired of prospecting. And one day he was prospecting, and a seller told him off.

“I’m not interested. If I want an agent, then I’ll just call Jim _______. He’ll do a much better job than you at selling my house,” the seller told him.

(Jim happened to be the top agent in the area.) Paul was dejected. He knew he was a good agent.

He knew he did a great job. And he also knew that Jim had so many listings that he couldn’t service them properly. (Unfortunately, the seller didn’t know that.)

At that point, Paul realized what the problem was. This seller hadn’t received one of his Broker’s Books.

He didn’t know that Paul was a great agent. And that’s why he had told Paul off. You see, whenever Paul gave his broker’s book away to a seller, they could see that he was a good agent.

So, Paul thought to himself. “I’m going to show that seller. I’m going to give him a copy of my broker’s book. That way he’ll know for sure that I’m a great agent!”

Paul made a detour on his way home from work.

He drove straight over to that seller’s house and knocked on his door. A man answered the door. Paul realized it was the seller he’d talked to earlier that day.

Paul held this book in his hand and – with a hint of indignation in his voice – he blurted out:

“Hi, I’m Paul. I’m the agent that called you today. I understand you think Jim can do a better job than me at selling your home.

But, before you lock yourself into a 6-month contract with Jim, I wanted to give you a copy of my broker’s book that shows how to sell your home for more money.”

The seller stammered and said, “I’m sorry I was rude to you today. It’s just that you just called in the middle of work and I had to get off the phone. I’ll be glad to take a look at your book.”

They quickly struck up a friendly conversation and Paul ended up touring the seller’s home. A few weeks later the seller listed his home with Paul.

After that day, Paul changed his strategy.

Once he saw the change in that seller, he realized his strategy was all wrong. He had the process backward.

Instead of calling first AND THEN giving a seller a book, here’s what he should do instead.

He should send them a book AND THEN call the seller.

Once Paul changed his approach his results went up. He found it was easier to get listings with less work.

Today, he doesn’t cold call sellers. Instead, he sends them a copy of his broker’s  book. Then he waits a few days and follows up with a phone call. That was the 3rd tool that Paul discovered.

Tool #3: A marketing plan that doesn’t rely on cold calling to get listings.

Once Paul started using these three tools, he listed 14 homes in 3 months. And, to think he had once contemplated getting out of the business!

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking, “That’s a great story. But, it doesn’t matter because I’m still struggling to get listings.”

That may be the case. But, here’s what you can do to fix that. Why don’t you start using the three tools that Paul uses? Here’s how you can do that.

Start with Tool #1. Listing leads with no competition.

I’d start with Old Expireds. Just about every market has plenty of them.

Then, move onto Tool #2. Use the books to separate yourself from your competition.

And, if you don’t have enough books, then join Magna Realty and order some books from the broker. Remember the more books you order, the lower the price per book.

After that, use Tool #3. A marketing plan that doesn’t rely on cold calling. Send books to leads. Then, follow up with a phone call 4-5 days later.

And you’ll get a lot of listings as a result. Just like Paul did. It transformed his business. And, it can transform your business as well.

But first, you need plenty of books you can give away. So, go here to join Magna Realty, and order more books and get started.

Thanks for reading.


William Murphey



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