What are real estate scripts?

I get so confused when I see agents constantly asking for a “script” to use. How can you script for a conversation you have not yet had?

Do you want to stat converting more of your real estate leads?

Then stop using real estate scripts and start being real.  There is extreme power in demonstrating your authenticity.

I want you to try and put yourself in the shoes of a buyer or seller. Imagine you get called by a real estate agent and they are reading off a script.

Does it feel genuine?

It’s no different than when you get cold called from a call center in India.  You can hear the “boiler room” in the background and what sounds like hundreds of “script readers”. It’s an immediate turn off to most people and spotted a mile away.

The key to conversion is not persuasion, it’s conversation.

Most people determine in the first 30 seconds of communicating with you if they will continue the conversation or engage in it.  If they do, you have a better chance of building trust and ultimately setting an appointment.

You want to know who converts the most amount of leads?

Agents who don’t use real estate scripts and instead focus on connecting rather than selling.

Where To Start

The key to converting more leads is through the power of authenticity. People don’t want to be sold, they want to be served by a living breathing human being, not a robot. How you say something is more important than what you say upon initial conversation. Start focusing on connecting vs. selling for your initial lead intake.


So how do you ditch real estate scripts and start connecting through being more authentic?

You deliver your authenticity through your tone and body language as much as possible. Just be you.  Using autoresponders utilizing video email and/or text messaging vs your traditional email autoresponder is where you start! Think about it.  Text and video email allow you to respond personally while humanizing your brand. That is what connects with people!

However, that’s only half the battle because you need to be able to educate or create value at the same time. You do this by knowing what their current needs are.  What do buyers and sellers want today from a real estate agent?

People today don’t NEED an agent to buy or sell a house, but over 85% of consumers still preferred to use one.

You Must Know What People Need Us For…


There are two reasons people still use an agent today;

  1. To confirm a wise buying or selling decision.
  2. To facilitate the entire transaction

People use real estate agents for their knowledge

So what does this have to do with real estate scripts?

Everything, because your real estate script should focus around helping people with what they are calling you for. What do they want to know that they cannot find online?

This is where the power authenticity comes into play.  Consumers want to trust you, it’s just sometimes they can’t if you are reading some real estate scripts that sound off the salesman radar.

Quit being a Realtor and start being a RESOURCE!

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How To Be Authentic With Buyer Leads

You need to know your market inside and out so you can speak intelligently on it. People don’t need you to find houses for sale anymore.  Don’t believe me?

How many of your clients send you the properties they want to see because they saw them on Zillow or some other app? Exactly my point!  Our role has become more of an advisor of real estate values as opposed to being the one who found them that property. Start by repositioning yourself as more of an investment strategist vs. a Realtor.

We no longer are in the business of finding properties for people to buy as we are to confirming those very buying decisions are wise.

For buyer leads, I tend to want my conversations focus more around displaying my local expertise without having to say how awesome I am.  We know that buyers are looking to get a good deal. Therefore, be the one who can help them achieve that investment.

Let’s go through some examples of authenticity for a buyer lead to put this in more context:

Me: “Hello sir, this is the Real Estate Dude(always a little chuckle) calling you back from Zillow on 123 Cherry lane. What can I help you with”

Lead: “My wife and I are interested in setting up a showing for this property this Sunday”

If the house is under contract (many of the ones they call on are)

Me: “I’m sorry that house is under contract, but good news is it was way overpriced. I wouldn’t let you buy that dump anyways.  How long you been looking?”

Lead: “oh I see… we been looking ….”

Me: “Here’s the scoop and excuse me being blunt.  My best advice is if you are buying a house today is to go after the investment side of things vs. just to buy a house. Our values have re-peaked and if you don’t plan on making an investment out of it then rent instead.  The only other exception is of course you are going to hold this property for 30 years, then I could give two shits about the investment side of things because you will eventually pay this off. It’s when you look for more of a shorter term hold that it makes a big deal. What’s your buying strategy for this move?”

Lead: “I guess I never thought about it”

Me: “Dude, are you crazy?  Don’t buy unless you know what you are doing. The only reason I have a job is because people need my insight to confirm their investments. I’m not sure what the who, what, where, when, and why of your search is, but if you like I don’t mind spending 30-45 minutes with you to show you how this al works.  That way you can see if buying is even right for you? ”

My goal on a buyer lead is to demonstrate how to make an investment out of their purchase. What I want you to get out of this example is my tone.  I don’t change for a second in my tone or personality because I have a good lead on the phone.  I talk to strangers no differently than I talk to my best friend.

Most people decide right away if you are genuine or not. This is why text messaging and video email are having such a positive effect on conversion and creating engagement.  It feels real and authentic. Upon initial lead intake, text or video can help humanize your brand and build your authenticity. Then your real estate education creates value(education part)  and earns trust(being authentic) so you have a better chance of getting a face to face meeting and doing a buyers consultation. Click here to see how to weed out the tire kickers.

Find out about the things that most buyers don’t know in your market and educate them on it.  All you need to do is share something with them they most likely didn’t know.

Other Buyer educational topic examples:

Local transfer stamps?

Closing costs?

Up and coming areas?

Local schooling?

All these have in common? They are common questions every buyer has.

How To Be Authentic With Seller Leads

When speaking to sellers, I take on a different approach focusing the content of our conversation more on facilitation.

What do you do that other agents don’t?

What can you do that a seller cannot do with Red Fin or some other discount broker?

If you want to start converting more sellers, you need to sharpen your marketing skills and create a true value added proposition. Putting a sign in the yard and a MLS listing is not a marketing plan anymore.  The MLS is no longer your secret weapon.

For this reason I like positioning myself as a marketer vs. a Realtor. If you don’t have a REAL marketing plan, what is the point of hiring you?

This is going to be the #1 differentiator between the good, the bad, and the ugly in terms of service Realtors offer the public on the listing side. Don’t believe me? Just follow what Zillow and most recently, Red Fin, are doing.


Your “real estate scripts” should allow you to enhance your value proposition to working with you.

I focus entirely on talking about positioning. You can read all about it here. Positioning is the strategy behind selling a property.  It’s the remarks you use, pictures you take, and way you optimize it to the public.  For example, I’m not going to talk about the school system when I am selling a bachelor pad, am I?

In marketing, positioning is EVERYTHING!

Again my goal is to create value, not try to sell them on anything. Let’s take into context a CMA or closing cost lead that would typically come off my website.

Me: “Hi this is the “dude”(lol) and I’m just returning your message”

Lead: “Oh hey dude thanks for calling back so quick”

Me: No worries bro(if a dude), I wanted to make sure I gave you an accurate value so I have a couple more questions and I should be able to tell you what your true market value is.  I have one rule though. Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m going to tell you what it would really sell for in today’s market, and that may not be what you want to hear, but I can tell you it’s the truth. If it’s a number you don’t like don’t get mad at me. Is that ok?”

Lead: “That’s all I want”  (THEY ALWAYS SAY THIS)

Me: “Yea, I like telling people up front.  It will be what I see the market really doing and not what fake Zillow Zestimates tell you. I’m a total nerd at this and you just have to trust me on it. If I see it in person I can give you more exacts, but lets start with an online valuation first and if you want me to make the trip out we can do that later”

You just built their trust telling the truth.

Me: “So why you selling?”

Lead: “Let them talk and listen for their true WHY


Me: “Here’s my best piece of advice.  If you want to sell fast and for top dollar, it’s how you position it. When you can create the perception that your house is going to be sold tomorrow, that’s when you get top dollar because people will pay more for something they fear may be gone tomorrow. Let me explain…”

Here’s where I would go into my “positioning” talk you can read about on this article here.

Also notice that my tone never changes. I rely on my marketing skills to educate and my tone for authenticity.

Final Conclusion On Real Estate Scripts

Virtually every industry is built around customer service today so why wouldn’t you do the same thing in your business? Don’t confuse what customer service really means.  Service is everything we do from getting coffee ready for our buyers to the strategic closing gift at closing.

Customer service is also real estate scripting, but through authenticity. Believe it or not that simple phone call, text message, or email is when buyers or sellers decide if they can picture themselves to working with you. The question you need to ask yourself is if your real estate scripts are authentic or not. Then you need to determine if you are truly an expert in your local market and in facilitation. If not, get to work!

Stop being so professional and start being more REAL and more people will be attracted to working with you.



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