Do you need a script to talk to potential sellers?

HELL NO you don’t. You need a process.

Let me ask you a question…

Did you ever get called by your cable company trying to upgrade your package and it sounded like the movie “boiler room” in the background?


Potential seller clients don’t want to be on the receiving end of a seller scripts either.

One of the best qualities a real estate agent can have is their conversational skills.

How can you be scripted for something you don’t know what they are going to say?

Maybe if you are cold calling you might be leading the conversation with a script, but even then you still can’t predict how that call is going to go.  By the way cold calling sucks too.

If you want to stop cold calling forever read this…

Cold Calling Sucks

I really don’t get the whole seller scripts thing.

Good news is that there is another way to approach seller scripting instead of using cheesy old school sales techniques that make you feel dirty just by reading them.

I saw a seller script being used by a guru that actually had agents saying, “you do know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again”.  I’m dead serious and I about puked.  Please don’t ever say that to a seller or you deserve to be hung up on.

So here’s how you ditch having to use seller scripts. Once you start approaching all your seller “scripts” this way you will feel so much better about yourself too!

When you talk to potential sellers, it’s marketing!  The most important form of marketing a real estate agent has is their own verbal communication. The question is, how can agents communicate more effectively with seller leads?

The goal of any phone call whether you are attracting business or prospecting it should be to set a face to face meeting. Here’s a simple process to follow that will allow you to throw all traditional seller scripting out the the window.

Keep the focus on serving first instead of selling and you will get much farther.

Don't Be Cheesy Be Resourceful

Build Rapport First

The very first 15-25 seconds of any verbal communication is the most important. It’s sort of like dating. When you met your current significant other, wife, husband, or boyfriend/girlfriend you knew right away if you were attracted to them or not based on the first impression you had of them.

Potential leads are the same way.  They size you up within the first 15-25 seconds to see if you are just another blood sucking salesman/saleswoman or an honest sincere person trying to help them.  The appointment is made within these very first few seconds of communication.

Beware of your tone when you answer the phone. It’s more important than what you actually say.

60% of all communication is based on tone

30% is based on body language

10% is actually based on the content or what you say.

The goal right off the bat is to get them to like you so that when you ask for the listing appointment, it’s easier to get a yes. It will also allow you more time on the phone to build your case into showing them how you are someone they want to meet with.

Educate Them Become the AUTHORITY 

Now you want to show off your expertise and reinforce the fact that you are worth meeting and much different from the previous Zillow agent who responded to their inquiry trying to sell them a house on the first phone call.

The main goal is to let them know they are calling the BEST. You want to let them know that you are not an ordinary agent, but exceptional in what you do. You also want to be perceived as compassionate. Compassionate agents get compassionate referrals and clients.

The best way to do this is to already know the questions that most sellers already want answered.  Some sellers might not even have thought of these questions yet, but trust me they soon will.  These questions now replace your seller script you were previously using. Many people will feel like you are reading their mind because these are the things every seller wants to know at the end of the day, but not yet thought of.

Once someone perceives you as a compassionate expert agent, they will be easier to set a meeting with.

When you strike that cord where the conversation feels natural, it’s time to go for the appointment. There are many different questions you can ask, but these are the best to build your authority with at the same time create a friendly rapport.


4 Seller Scripting Questions To Ask

  1. Are you familiar with what’s going on in the market right now?- Most people have no idea exactly how the market is doing right now.  I love giving potential sellers a ”birds eye view” of the market because it allows you to show off expertise and share some valuable insight.  Just be honest.  If the market is shitty tell them that. If the market is awesome tell them that. It’s by far the best way to build trust and gain authority right away.
  2. Are you aware of how important market time is?- I love this question because I already know most sellers have no idea, which then allows me to give them a mini listing presentation on the phone by explaining how we position houses for sale. The point I want to make here is that I am a marketer who happens to have a real estate license and not the other way around. This will allow you to explain the 3 ways to properly position a house for sale. This build instant authority. I wrote another article on this subject and encourage you to read it because we can go on forever here. It’s called 3 Things You Must Talk About In Every Listing Presentation. This is your seller script.  I also wrote it on my local real estate blog here you can check out The 3 Ways To Position Your House For Sale.
  3. Have you prepared a net sheet?- This is the big one that will separate you from the rest.  I am amazed at how many agents do not do this as a service even after they are hired. One of the things that sellers love most is when you offer to provide them with a net sheet because it’s something many of them have not yet thought about. What do you think is more important to a seller, what the house sells for or what they walk away with? This gives them an accurate dollar amount of their net figure after all closing costs based on an estimate sales price. It’s a great service to offer a stranger or referral and they will love you for it. It shows you are going out of your way to help them understand what they will be walking away with at closing. This also gives you a reason to call them back and follow up with them if the initial call did not lead to an appointment.  HINT: getting closing costs also allows you to ask questions about the house and give them a CMA at the same time doesn’t it?
  4. Are you looking to buy another house after you sell this one and if so do you have to sell to buy?- I love this question because the selling and buying at the same time process is so tricky you know that they cannot do it on their own. Every time I point this out to a seller lead it leads to a longer conversation which allows them to see the need to hire a professional.  I would spend the whole phone call on this question and explain how to buy and sell at the same time. Regardless of the conversation it will always lead to a face-to-face meeting because it has to be mapped out in person. You might want to also check out this article 7 Steps To Selling & Buying A House At The Same Time.  This is your seller script.

The overall point here is that if you focus all of your seller scripting around these questions to ask your conversation will go much smoother and you will be serving instead of selling.  You will now be leading the conversation with an open ear giving very insightful authority building information that sellers are attracted to.

You want to provide value and establish that you are an authority in real estate as soon as possible. Once you do that getting the appointment becomes easier. Sell without selling!


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